James Roper

James Roper

Artist / IllustratorUnited Kingdom
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James Roper

James Roper

Artist / IllustratorUnited Kingdom
About me
I work in various mediums including painting, drawing, illustration, sculpture and film. I have exhibited widely throughout the world including solo shows in London, New York, San Francisco, Milan and Barcelona. Clients include Nike, MTV, Adobe, Converse, Ford, Linkin Park and Ikea.
  • Chakra series
    Chakra seriesMy brand new limited edition print series is based on the Chakra points as defined by Hindu spiritual traditions. The Chakras, whether real or not, help us to focus, connect with, and learn to express different aspects of who we are. A percentage of profits from sales of the whole series will be going to MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies). The research this non-profit organization are doing is very close to my heart. Here's why....
  • Metanoia
    Metanoia‘Metanoia’, the title of my new series of oil paintings, is a word derived from Greek meaning “changing one’s mind”. This mental shift is explored in the work through the use of semi-abstraction which encourages the viewer to enter into a visual state of limbo, where the brain attempts to pull the image together, to make sense of the recognizable parts, but instead is left with an unreliable shifting surface of altering states and metamorphic structures.
  • Coalescence
    CoalescenceThis large scale sculptural piece was created for the new creative office space Arrive in White Tower, MediaCityUK, Salford. It spans 3 floors high and 20 metres long. Coalescence means to grow together, to unite so as to form one mass, one community. The installation provides a visual metaphor for the space it now lives alongside: a dynamic environment in which many disparate elements can move and grow collectively, forming new connections and interactions giving rise to new formations and
  • Jordan Super.Fly 5
    Jordan Super.Fly 5
  • Rapture series
    Rapture series
  • The Inscending Spiral: Drawings III
    The Inscending Spiral: Drawings IIIHaving previously pursued filmmaking as a side project, through script writing and the making of short films - including the Vimeo Awards 2010 shortlisted film 'Outside' - I have now chosen to integrate those ideas into my main body of work. Drawing upon the established formula of the screenplay as a blueprint from which a film is then realised 'The Inscending Spiral' series uses one of my unfinished screenplays as a document from which to extract and explore themes and ideas, not in film, but within other disciplines, including drawing, installation, music, graphic design, video art and painting.
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Work history
    Artist / IllustratorJames Roper Art
    Manchester, United KingdomFreelance
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    Bachelor of Arts (BA), Fine Art (Painting)MMU
     - Manchester, United Kingdom
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    Vimeo Festival + Awards Official SelectionVimeo
    Screenwriting and Production Design **** 'Outside' Three lives are connected in a world whose inhabitants predominantly prefer the secure realities of an implicit inside world to that of the physical world. The film explores how advancement in technology has effected the way we communicate and how as a result it may impact our society and environment. http://jroper.co.uk/film/outside/index.html