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James Smith

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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James Smith

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Canopy. Goes Fresh.How do you get renters to think positively about their rent? We’d been working with Canopy for a while, creating Ad campaigns and making them famous. Things were growing, the work was driving customer sign ups but something was missing. A killer brand to talk one-to-one and make people feel special. Cue a rebrand. Talking to the public with empathy and realism, but doing it with some va-va-voom. Fresh, vibrant and real. Fame: More renters, more downloads and crucially… more traction.
  • Mango Bikes. Commuticise.How do you convince a non-cyclist to buy your bike for commuting? We’ve been making Mango famous for nearly a year. Built on rock solid foundations, we’re able to be tactical. In Summer 2020, when swathes of the UK were searching for a bike to commute on we put Mango at the top of that list. Talking to the public with a twinkle in the eye. And the website crashed under the weight of traffic. Simple, timely and effective. Fame: More bikes sold than they can handle. And if in doubt… crash the s
  • Expedia. Expect More.How do you show you have the scale of big legacy players and the agility of trendy start-ups? Battling for market share on two fronts is exhausting, especially in B2B. So we switched the dilemma on its head, a weakness into a strength. Businesses should Expect More than just the techie razzmatazz of start-ups and the we’ve-always-done-it-this-way clunk of the bigger, older players. And Paul even got an email from one of Expedia’s thoroughly pissed off competitors. Hilarious! Fame: 63k YouTub
  • Canopy. Nuffin'.How do you get renters to realise their rent each month does nothing for their credit score? “Rent is dead money”. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be. We flipped the perspective, zeroing in on their frustrations, using quirky colloquialisms to show they can get more bang for their buck. Commuters photographing Ads is always a good sign, and London’ers were posting these all over their instagram. Fame: 98% increase in app downloads in the first 6 weeks.
  • Mango Bikes. No Fluff.How do you convince someone who isn’t really ‘into cycling’ to buy a bike? We’ve been making Mango famous for a while now. Build on rock solid foundations, we’ve continued to focus on Mango’s core USP. It’s that hook, the kind people remember, and the reason why they’re flocking to Mango’s website everyday. Simple, creative and lovely. Fame: More bikes sold in a month than in the whole of last year.
  • Bionic. Battling the headwinds of business. (TVC).How do you make a business owner think about their energy, broadband and insurance? Energy, insurance and broadband isn’t the first thing on a business owners ‘to-do’ list. To make them sit up in the middle of Coronation Street you’ve got to show them you understand their pain. It often feels like they’re battling headwinds everyday, so we made it simple, honest and in-your-face. Fame: Bionic on the telly for the first time and the phones haven’t stopped ringing.
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