Jeann Kembangkhana

Jeann Kembangkhana

Graphic DesignerJakarta, Indonesia
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Jeann Kembangkhana

Jeann Kembangkhana

Graphic DesignerJakarta, Indonesia
About me
I am an Indonesian graphic designer, overall an image-maker. Graduated from Nottingham Trent University & University of the Arts London, I am currently working as a freelancer for many clients especially building an identity for start-up companies in conscious-driven, wellness and sustainable industry.
  • The Social Socket
    The Social SocketThe Social Socket is a Social Media agency based out of United Kingdom that will provide the best curated content for all your social media platforms. Content which is geared and catered to your followers which would leave a digital surge ensuring you’d never blackout! From content creation, campaigns and PR we have you covered. In this new digital age where content is key, why don’t you � in to us! The Social Socket logo embues the playfulness and wit in the name, by playing with different ico
  • ManifesTrack
    ManifesTrackManifesTrack provides life-changing meditations, affirmations and astrology guidance. We serve international users from a diverse race, who are interested in health, wellness and community connection. These users want to learn how to manifest and live life more abdundantly. They need guidance to manifest their desires, and connect more with their selves. The creation of ManifesTrack branding for me is to create three main colours and logo that specifically embodies ManifesTrack — meditation, af
  • Pietro Simone Packaging
    Pietro Simone PackagingThe fierce as I see fit and the way I envisioned is an act of bravery. I’d like to explore the idea of fierce in physics. Although, the law of physics is a stern law of nature; physics phenomenons in their nature are fierce and brave, in a way sparks a change. Therefore, the packaging idea is heavily influenced by visuals of physics phenomenons. Powerful Wave. This packaging is inspired by visuals of visible light wavelength. I thought that this is quite an interesting or intriguing way to disp
  • Lembah Batu
    Lembah BatuLembah Batu is a Restaurant & Villa based in Lampung, Indonesia. A small independent family business who’s in core business is to serve families and locals who want to stay in Lembah Batu and have a peaceful holiday and solitude out of the city. Team : Kukuh Prayogo & Reza A.P.
  • Dayrosia
    DayrosiaDayrosia provides massage therapy and skincare products for women and men of all ages through online websites and retail boutiques. Dayrosia main customers are clients who have specific needs for their skin and body, for example, preventative care for skin issues, sports injury treatment, and stress-related issues. We create a re-branding and identity for Dayrosia that reflects quite heavily on the founder, Felica DeRoza. We feel this is quite effective due to the nature of the business, where
  • Branch of Life
    Branch of LifeBranch of Life is a food caterer providing a gourmet meal to health-conscious eaters, helping them feel healthy and proud. Branch of Life is a project that I helped create in Equilateral Studio. The idea is that not only Branch of Life provides meals, but Branch of Life also provides quality content to encourage and increase awareness of the benefit of a plant-based diet. Branch of Life is an existing client whose assets are continuous and developing.
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Projects credited in
  • Glia
    GliaA sleep awareness campaign which inspires a young audience to be interested in the topic by using the online trend of CGI and ‘satisfying’ videos and placing the spotlight on the key protagonist, the Glia cell - a glamorous yet largely unknown cell which cleans our brain while we sleep.
Work history
    Graphic DesignerEquilateral Studio
    United StatesFull Time
    Equilateral Studio is a creative agency working with beauty, health and wellness brands to spread their purpose through the power of design. Equilateral Studio provides strategy led thoughtful design solutions for leaders in the beauty, health & wellness industries. We create unforgettable branded experiences using a holistic branding approach – an extensive thorough method of branding designed to leave memorable interactions for customers.
    Graphic DesignerBright Idea Education
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    Three months of Graphic Design Internship in Bright Idea Education, a start-up company focusing on game design for children and special needs children. My role for the company is to create visual attributes such as social media content, website design, branding and identity.
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  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Branding Identity
  • Graphic Communication
  • Publishing Design
  • Book Publishing
  • Logo Design
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    London College of Communication, UAL logo
    Master of ArtsLondon College of Communication, UAL
     - London, United Kingdom
    Design for Art Direction Expected to Graduate 2020
    NTU School of Art & Design logo
    NTU School of Art & Design logo
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) NTU School of Art & Design
     - Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Fashion Communication Promotion Grade: 68% - 3.7 in GPA