Jen Lim

Jen Lim

Director, Writer, Filmmaker, PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Jen Lim

Jen Lim

Director, Writer, Filmmaker, PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
A forward thinking all round creative with a knack for making things happen! My background across every stage of production and in a range of genres has produced a desire to push the boundaries with every project that comes my way. However I believe a project is only as strong as its team and with that I look forward to meeting and working with equally passionate individuals across all industries! Instagram: @sjenl
  • Close Your Eyes
    Close Your EyesAn elderly couple seeks shelter in a hotel room not realising the danger might already be inside. Much like the series "TheWalking Dead" and other films in the “elevated horror” genre, this short film centres not on the threat outside but on the internal and external disputes of the survivors. We are currently looking for a producer so please get in touch if interested!
  • Lifeline
    LifelineNot all important connections are human.
  • Kills 99.9% Bacteria
    Kills 99.9% BacteriaA light-hearted story portraying a day in the life of a germophobic young man who is forced to accompany his girlfriend to the hospital. The journey there is fraught with all sorts of pathogenic threats but he finally makes it to the hospital only to find it a breeding ground beyond his worst imagination. This period of time is especially triggering for those with OCD as suddenly millions of people across the world are anxious at the mere thought of going to hospital. However for those with OCD
  • Apocalypse Anytime Now
    Apocalypse Anytime NowA short drama about eco-anxiety. As awareness increasingly grows about the destructive effects of climate change, so does the negative effects on the youngest among us. This is the story of Samuel, a young boy, who tries to take his survival into his own hands. Follow us @aanshortfilm
  • Midnight Insight
    Midnight InsightTurning a brilliant spoken word piece about the current climate in Britain, written by an upcoming spoken word artist, to life as a short film.
  • Dance Video-Jerry Sprunger
    Dance Video-Jerry SprungerTory Lanez ft T-Pain-Jerry Sprunger dance cover Videography-Jen Lim
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Projects credited in
  • Jen Lim
    Jen LimI was thirteen when I saw a corpse for the first time, swept ashore on this very beach. Her glassy eyes bored into mine whilst young children ran screaming from the water. It would be years before they would venture into the sea again, whereas every day I’ve found myself here, battling the magnetic pull of the outgoing tide. I stand. When I found her, she had been resting on the seabed for two weeks. The gulls circle above, their cries a high-pitched dirge. My eyes lock onto the water. I wonde
  • Jen Lim
    Jen LimYour sweet sixteenth is supposed to be bigger, better, tolerable. I stare at the pink Yoo-hoo wishing I could drown in the sickly-sweet liquid. She is staring at me expectantly as the pathetic heart-shaped balloon bounces pin pricks of candlelight across the room. “Make a wish.” I obligingly take in a big gulp of air, watching the tiny flames dance in the draught and envision them grow bigger and bigger until the whole place is ablaze, the always empty chair nothing but molten metal - finally,
  • Jen Lim
    Jen LimMy voice is hoarse. My screams have become scratchy whispers even my brother, mere feet away, is unable to hear. I watch Nabila’s anguish as he desperately scans the horizon, but as the day wanes so does his hope. The flood of relief when he finally turns away battles against the dam of guilt inside me. I look into his eyes, searching as he did, but not for our brother. Does he know my screams were not for him but only for myself? Because there is no hope for our brother, I made certain of that.
  • The Rise Brand
    The Rise BrandFilming Promo videos for growing, menage and advertise a Brand in right direction
  • Sam and Shadow
    Sam and ShadowA story about the boy and his dog during the lockdown.
  • Fast Track 50: meet 50 trailblazers redefining the creative & digital industries
    Fast Track 50: meet 50 trailblazers redefining the creative & digital industriesWe’re thrilled to announce 2019’s Fast Track 50! Google and The Dots have partnered on the inaugural Fast Track 50 programme to fast track the careers of 50 rising stars – ensuring they land opportunities regardless of challenges set by socio-economic background. Over the past six months, the Fast Track 50 have had unrivalled access to industry connections and opportunities through a series of profession/skills masterclasses, industry introductions and speed recruitment events with the best in t
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Work history
    VideographerSchool Ground Sounds
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    Behind the Scenes VideographerPADE Productions
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Directing
  • Directing Actors
  • Editing
  • Creative Team
  • Writing
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) University of Bristol
     - Bristol, United Kingdom
    Film ProductionBeijing Film Academy
     - Beijing, China