Jessica Vogt

Jessica Vogt

FilmmakerBrighton, United Kingdom
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Jessica Vogt

Jessica Vogt

FilmmakerBrighton, United Kingdom
About me
My work explores the transformation of atmosphere and narrative through detailed set design, cinematography and sound. I love being able to create a sense of place using the tactility of physical practice and the subtle enhancement of digital processes.
  • The Empress
    The EmpressMy irises, my forest, my eternity... A scale reproduction of the Empress Shōken’s teahouse in the Meiji Jingu forest. The teahouse and gardens were designed by her husband, Emperor Meiji as a place only for her. Used as a film set for a short film entitled 'The Empress'; the model is made with a mixture of different wood, PVC and clay to maintain durability, and can be taken apart for filming different perspectives. In the midst of the Meiji Jingu eternal forest, the doors of a teahouse open onc
  • Hotel
    Hotel"A hotel, restless, cannot be a home…I thought the hotel would be an escape from you but instead your absence fills it." - Joanna Walsh, Hotel Exploring the world of hotels by making sets inspired by old film photographs from my Dad's travels. I created a series of sets with the intention of making them as realistic as possible, utilising mainly practical effects, including electrical lighting and subtle ambient changes.
  • The Launderette
    The LaunderetteVisualising Sound... This animation is an ambitious collaboration of three weeks, utilising two completely separate set builds, props and lighting constructions. Each has been filmed and lit in order to illustrate sound in a narrative form. Delving into the constructs of dystopia, the two sets contrast visually and atmospherically to create an unnerving piece of film.
  • Hypnotism
    HypnotismFocused attention and reduced peripheral awareness... This film uses a combination of slow motion, macro and sound techniques to present the journey into a state of hypnosis. Focusing on small movements in objects the film moves between the viewer and the viewed.
  • Sofija
    SofijaA Whole World Rests on Autumn Waters... This piece illustrates a series of poems written and read by Sofija Zovko, a poet from Oxford. Her transfixing depictions of her time exploring the Ashmolean Museum create the base for these animations. The animations and poems are inspired primarily by a painting of the city of Aubusson, by Marcel Gromaire.
  • Vertiginous
    VertiginousThe vertiginous feeling one gets standing at the precipice... Using dynamic lighting and extreme close up, this ambient film explores the texture and structure of burnt hard discs. The inorganic transformed into something organic, stuck in an eerie mid transition. Different landscapes are revealed in the colours and crevices.
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Projects credited in
  • Strike (2019) - Props and Sets
    Strike (2019) - Props and SetsI worked on sets and models for an exciting stop animation feature film, 'Strike', for Gigglefish Studio. Working in a wide variety of materials, I produced high-quality, detailed miniatures to bring life to each meticulous scene. The work I produced ranged from 5-inch tall potted plants, to a forest of pine trees made from layers of fur, to a full set of the Moscow Kremlin.
Work history
    Prop Maker and Set BuilderGigglefish Studio
     - Lancing, United KingdomInternship
    Drawing up designs for models with precise specifications. Making scale models and sets for ‘Strike’, a feature-length stop-motion animation. Working with workshop machinery and extensive material processes.
    Digital Print OperatorUniversity of Brighton
     - Brighton, United KingdomFreelance
    Processing documents, printing, and finishing. Formatting work for print including multi-section books, large format artwork and business cards. Working to tight deadlines, customer communication, and cash handling.
  • Title Sequences
  • Cinematography
  • Film/video Editing
  • Editing Sound
  • Concepts
  • Storyboarding
  • Adobe Premiere/photoshop/indesign
  • Book Layout
  • 3D Construction
  • Set Building
    BA (Hons) Illustration - First Class HonoursUniversity of Brighton
     - Brighton, United Kingdom
    UAL Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & MediaNorthbrook College Sussex
     - Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, UK
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