Jethro Nepomuceno

Jethro Nepomuceno

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Jethro Nepomuceno

Jethro Nepomuceno

Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
A graphic design graduate creating questionable and bizarre work.
  • Nandos Yard 2021 Portable summer bottle
    Nandos Yard 2021 Portable summer bottleA Collaboration project with Raptor Marketing and Nandos, we had the chance to have a photoshoot with the newly released portable summer bottle that can be brought to any BBQ. Using Blender and After effects, I created a little promotional video that highlights the photography and the bottle with Nando's Yard branding.
  • Size? x Converse Multipatch 2020 Campaign
    Size? x Converse Multipatch 2020 CampaignThe brief wanted us to centre your creation about yourself with their product being the secondary thing to focus on. Then they prompted to place your work under 3 categories, mine being youth development. I wanted to tell the story of how my personal struggles as a creative and the fear of being left behind or stuck through an animated narrative. Although this is my first time animating anything I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished and I hope you guys like what I've made!
  • Coffee By Tate
    Coffee By TateThis project came about as a prompt from the Tate Museum website as they wanted some new artwork for their current coffee bags. This seemed boring, why not create an entirely new existing product and IP to fully bring their concepts to life. To do that I created a Russian Nesting Doll type coffee packaging that basically shows you the journey as you lift up the lid. The catchphrase "Coffee for everyone, by everyone" is a response to the number of hands and labour that has gone in just to get the
  • Passion Play
    Passion PlayThis project came about with the influx of news surrounding couples in lockdown. Isolation, and separation have made couples lose touch during this time which resulted in either the breaking of Lockdown rules or the end of many relationships. What I sought out to do was create a game that would essentially help couples who are separated to get their spark back and enjoy the time they have together even if it is long distanced. What I decided to create was an online 21 question experience that l
  • Afterlife
    AfterlifeThis project came about after we watched “Black Mirror” and “The Good Place”, seeing all the lies that take place with Corporations, Religions, and to ourselves, we wanted to create a sort of social commentary on these topics. What we decided to do was to create a tech company that sells the concept of the afterlife to you with these specialized glasses. These glasses in turn monitor all your actions and arbitrarily gives it a positive or negative score depending on if it was deemed good or bad.
  • Bootlegging Blasphemy
    Bootlegging BlasphemyThis came about with the then-recent news about Warren Lotas being sued for creating his own interpretation of the Icon Nike Dunk Low sneaker. Whether you agree with Nike or not, I do believe that creatives should not be afraid to make their own version of a sneaker and should not be sued for so much. That is why this project came about! I wanted to create my own sneaker based on the Dunk Low and let others basically bootleg my bootleg sneaker. After learning about the origins of Bootlegging e
Projects credited in
  • ROJO - Against The Wall (Official Music Video)
    ROJO - Against The Wall (Official Music Video)Music video for ROJO’s single “Against The Wall”. Creative direction for cover art. Directed by Quinn Lovero DoP Matt Butler Edited by Quinn Lovero VFX by Quinn Lovero VFX Assistant Jethro Nepomuceno Animations by Torren Tripp Graphics & Cover Art by Jethro Nepomuceno Colour grading by Matt Butler & Quinn Lovero Runners Lari Robertson, Ruby Fos, Rita Neiva Produced by SATURDAYS & IV STUDIOS
  • Alice In The Matrix (Lookbook)
    Alice In The Matrix (Lookbook)Audiovisual lookbook for Rachel Payne's fashion collection "Alice In The Matrix" Clothes by Rachel Payne Directed by Quinn Lovero & Jethro Nepomuceno Models: Corene Ting & Doanh Nguyen CGI: Jethro Nepomuceno VFX & SFX: Quinn Lovero Photography: Quinn Lovero Production: IV Studios Song: Rise by Six Umbrellas (Adapted)
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    Dragon Rouge logo
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    Dragon Rouge logo
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