Jo McCallum

Jo McCallum

Crafting Futures | Systems Innovation | Digital CraftLondon, United Kingdom
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Jo McCallum

Jo McCallum

Crafting Futures | Systems Innovation | Digital CraftLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Crafting futures is my passion. Having trained as an architect, I'm interested in everything - from materials, experience, and engagement, to structure, pattern, and policy. Right now, I’m a digital craft maker and researcher with a hybrid skillset honed across the arts, sustainable energy, politics, health research, architecture and higher education. I love problem-solving, connecting people, and crafting big ideas into action. Everything I do emerges from a antidisciplinary approach to thinking and making. I’m also a dyspraxic, ginger, immigrant, INFJ... so I celebrate different people and alternative approaches.
  • WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE | Craft & Crisis
    WOMEN IN ARCHITECTURE | Craft & CrisisWe live in uncertain times, pivoting between COVID and impending recession. Our global focus is in flux; our methods of making and communicating are ever-changing; and, our relationship with objects and experiences is shifting. Unsurprisingly, transition offers us the chance to refocus, to cross borders and boundaries in order to discover solutions. In this context, craft innovation has the potential to deliver new economic opportunities in architecture, engineering, manufacturing, health, and
  • SEAWEED | Biofabricating Futures
    SEAWEED | Biofabricating FuturesSEAWEED | Biofabricating Futures is a material research project supported by an Emerging Science Grant from the Office of the Chief Scientist, Queensland, Australia.
    MAKE OR BE MADEMake or Be Made is a campaign focused on the important role craft plays in industry and enterprise.
Projects credited in
  • The New Craftsmen
    The New CraftsmenThe New Craftsmen celebrates the joy of exceptionally crafted bespoke homewares, gifts and jewellery. After a successful 6 years, the three founders sought to scale the business and to future proof their online presence with a more robust website that truly reflected the way the brand had evolved.
  • 3D Modeling
  • Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Filmmaking
  • Wood Working
  • Weaving
  • Communications
  • Future Trends
  • Public Engagement
  • Branding Experiential