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Jodie Mackerness

London, United Kingdom
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Jodie Mackerness

London, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • Eden
    YCN x Oliver Bonas Packaging
  • Disconnected
    More than a third of the planet have absolutely no access to the internet. In some countries, affordability and governmental control are the main barriers. But, the UK is one of the most developed, multicultural, and connected countries in the world, and yet only 41% of rural areas have a stable internet connection, compared to 81% of urban areas, and many remote UK locations still have no internet connection at all. ​ 5G development means that the concept of anyone being beyond the reach of th
  • Dissertation Funeral
    Many of us may have negative memories associated with the act of writing our dissertations. We tend to focus on how frustrating, overwhelming and time consuming the process was, rather than the good that came from the experience - such as learning about a new topic or discovering a new career direction. Having completed my dissertation and witnessed the effect it had on my mental wellbeing, I decided it was time to move on. Initially I had thought of accumulating all of the notes, documents, s
  • Daphne and Apollo - Falmouth 2020 Graduates Catalogue
    The theme for the catalogue this year was 'Wunderkammer', meaning 'cabinet of curiousity/wonders'. I chose the Greek tale of Daphne and Apollo, as it was a story I didn't know of before that I thought was very interesting and unusual. To view the catalogue in full, head to:
  • Cornwall's Space
    The mission was to produce a general awareness campaign for the arrival of the Spaceport in Cornwall, to positively engage with the Cornish public, and by extension the Cornish County Council. We wanted to have a feeling of Cornish Pride and instill ownership of the new Spaceport into the locals, rather than it feeling like an intruder in their neighborhood. We also wanted to inspire the locals to want to be involved in the Spaceport's future, and feel like it will become a part of their histor
  • Cyborgs: Elon Musk and The New Era of Neuroscience
    Speculative Editorial Illustration for the Financial Times ‘Cyborgs: Elon Musk and the new era of neuroscience’
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