Julian Brown

Julian Brown

Sound ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Julian Brown

Julian Brown

Sound ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Multi-Disciplinary Artist focused on Sound, Listening and Environment. Over ten years experience working with soundscapes, sound installation, field recording and composition. Provide highly specialised bespoke sound design and consultation to brands interested in integrating deeper awareness of sound within their strategies.
  • Listening Diaries Podcast
    Listening Diaries PodcastIntimate and exploratory podcast studying our relationships with the environment. Recorded in 3D audio and from the perspective of a wanderer in the city. Listening Diaries explores everyday life revealing everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
  • Showreel | Sound Arts & Design
    Showreel | Sound Arts & DesignStudio Showreel Featuring work from: Crossrail Selfridges Cannes Lions + More
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  • Five Unique Spatial Experiences
    Five Unique Spatial ExperiencesAfter graduating in Industrial Design, Chiara Ferrari has developed her professional experience at architecture and design firms such as Future Systems, Heatherwick Studio, Lovegrove Studio, Zaha Hadid Architects, as well as Lissoni Associati in Milan – specialising in Interior and Furniture Design. In 2015 she will sit on the D&AD Professional Awards Spatial Design Jury. To give us an idea of the kind of creative work she expects to see at the awards, we asked her to pick out her favourite exa
Work history
    London, United KingdomFreelance
  • Sound Design
  • Audio Engineering
  • Sound Engineering
  • Music Composition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Art
  • Art Direction
  • Sound Art
  • Soundscapes
  • Field Recording
    MA Sound Arts
     - London, United Kingdom
    First Class BA (Hons) Sound Arts & Design
     - London, United Kingdom
    ISG UK Retail Interior of the Year awardISG
    The Fragrance Lab was an experiment to uncover the future of retail, offering a vision of how retailers can engage consumers in the age of online shopping. Visitors were guided through an immersive sensory journey that began with asking them to select from a number of images and statements, enabling the Fragrance Lab to capture a profile and determine which scent best captured their personality. The concept was inspired by observing the limitations of traditional shops, and offered a compelling alternative. ‘It’s inspiring for the leaders of the retail industry to recognise an original idea that is the Fragrance Lab,’ Philip Handford, creative director at Campaign, tells LS:N Global. ‘This was a project that brought a new approach to a UK industry that is in a state of stagnation and will inspire us all here at Campaign to keep on it.’ My role was to compose and produce a range of immersive headphone installations that incorporated a creative mix of binaural soundscapes, voice and spatial mapping. I was in charge of production of sound materials including; recording, composing and engineering. Sounds of the environment including the sounds of inside Selfridges were integrated along with other sonic elements with a four-dimensional approach blurring the lines between reality and virtual-reality as internal and external worlds were seamlessly brought together.