Julien Bernard Grau

Julien Bernard Grau

Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Photographer, WriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Julien Bernard Grau

Julien Bernard Grau

Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Photographer, WriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
London based multidisciplinary artist working in lighting design, photography and the written word. My aim is to collaborate and produce art that can transcend social norms and barriers, challenge ignorance and bigotry; to create an experience that will cause us all to reconsider our preconceptions, where possibilities exceed limitations and constrains. Where ideas exist Just Beyond Gravity.
  • Venice 2020
    Venice 2020Photographic study of the medieval city. A wondrous and diverse place to explore. Full of myth, legend and magnificence.
  • The Time Is Now
    The Time Is NowRose Bruford College Collaborative Theatre Making MA/MFA presents: The Time Is Now 2020. The Time Is Now. It is an extraordinary time to live, to love, to survive, to slow down, to be isolated, to connect, to regret, to care, to be forgotten, to affect change, to rage, to make art, to say no, to say yes, to take action. What can we hear if we stop to listen? And how might it change us? The Time Is Now is collage of time pieces devised and performed by the Collaborative Theatre Making Ensemb
  • London’s Red Brigades Rainbow
    London’s Red Brigades RainbowPhotographed during Red Brigade’s funeral march 2019. On display in collaboration with ITSLIQUID Group. The Room Gallery - Venice, Italy.
  • Duncan Laurence - Love Don’t Hate It
    Duncan Laurence - Love Don’t Hate ItSeven Productions Music Video Credit: Lighting Design, rigging, Desk Operation
  • The Flies
    The FliesThe Flies is Jean-Paul Sartre's take on the story of Electra and her brother Orestes. His thriller re-imagines this famous and still relevant Greek tragedy, exploring the complexities of human values in a period of political turbulence. « It’s the tragedy of liberty against the tragedy of fatality », says Sartre. https://www.exchangetheatre.com/the-flies-10-years/ Credit: Technical Director
  • Ordovas Gallery: Alabaster
    Ordovas Gallery: AlabasterIn this exhibition, alabaster works from the ancient world presage the modernist abstractions and biomorphic forms of Eduardo Chillida, Anish Kapoor, Henry Moore and Isamu Noguchi. Whether figurative or abstract or made for sacred or secular purposes, alabaster carries inherent symbolism in both its delicacy, and its relationship with light. https://www.ordovasart.com/exhibition/alabaster/ Credit: Lighting design and focus.
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Work history
    Technical DirectorJust Beyond Gravity
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    With over eight years experience working within the performing arts, I am able to quickly and intelligently actualise any clients brief. With an industry that is constantly developing its technology, legislation and means of production it is important to match the constant demand for innovation with discernment, practicality and vision.
    Technical DirectorSalon Apocalypse
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Sight specific Art Exhibit Secret location
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  • Technical Theatre
  • Lighting Design
  • Photography
  • Festival Production
  • Workshop Delivery
  • Mentoring
  • Camera
  • Writing
  • Rigging
  • Electronic Art
    BTEC Drama & Performing Arts Diploma
     - London, United Kingdom
    Royal Academy logo
    Royal Academy logo
    Royal Acedemy Summer Exhibition (photo)Royal Academy
    Selected photograph, 4 prints sold