Kahlown Haad

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London, United Kingdom
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About me

Having successfully completed my bachelor degree and a postgraduate diploma (Masters) from the United Kingdom in the field of Computer Science. I am looking forward to putting the skills acquired during these five years into practice and in a real working scenario. During the course of the five years spent in the United Kingdom, I have acquired knowledge in the field of IT. I have learned everything from programming to system building and the business side of computing. My postgraduate diploma helped me enhance this knowledge and gain more confidence to face the working world of today. My skills lie in the fact that I have a strong analytic mind. With this through my own experience, part-time jobs and internship in the United Nations, and through the group coursework at the University, I have learned the importance of group and team working. I am have mixed with different cultures and learned its importance. I have put my gained knowledge into practice while doing an internship in the united nations. I not only learned how people worked in the field but also learned new things like Javascript, Excel PowerPivot and basic knowledge of Sharepoint. During my bachelors I demonstrated good performance, considering my 2.2 average by the end of the second year with high scores in the business side and interest in databases, and gained also, a postgraduate diploma (Masters). Technology has always been of interest to me, and over time I have built strong information technology skills outside of University too. For example, I’m known to be the go-to person amongst friends and family for troubleshooting IT and general technology issues. I have an analytical mind and apply a methodical work breakdown structure to any complex tasks I am given. I believe my work-hard ethic, strong motivation and genuine interest in the subject matter, combined with the invaluable learning opportunities of the proposed job will allow me to thrive and grow into a knowledgeable computer scientist, with a firm foundation to build on further. I do hope you will carefully consider my application and looking forward to hearing from you.