Kate Kidney Bishop

Kate Kidney Bishop

Creative Director, Stylist & Street CasterParis, France
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Kate Kidney Bishop

Kate Kidney Bishop

Creative Director, Stylist & Street CasterParis, France
    WESTERNAFFAIR x XCSS MagazineArt direction & modelling - WESTERNAFFAIR Photography - Oscar Lindqvist Styling & text - me Makeup - Grace Ellington Hair - Paal Hair
    WESTERNAFFAIR CARPET HEELSArt directed, modelled and styled by me Photographed by Celia Croft
    PRIMORDIAL IMPERATRIXA presentation of a primordial empress. She is a synthesis of land and ocean, rising and crawling out to birth her. Adapting since the beginning of time. She is iridescent with beauty but scathing She is rich with knowledge She is the sensation of peace underwater Mother Nature’s fallen angel This is her homage feature
Projects credited in
  • Edition 2
    Edition 2
  • Edition 4
    Edition 4
  • Primordial Soup
    Primordial Soup" A mixed-reality improvised dance performance hearkening back to our gelatinous origins which serve as an extension of the physical, using live Motion Capture synced to Unreal Engine in Virtual Production. The concept draws on the premise that as bodies of water we leak and seethe, our borders always vulnerable to rupture and renegotiation. The off-camera performer, wears a motion capture suit that has its movement synced in real-time to the digital avatar. The on-camera performer, mimics thes
  • Edition 3
    Edition 3
  • Coeval Magazine
    Coeval Magazine
  • Coeval Magazine
    Coeval Magazinecreative studio | brand collaborations | interviews | fashion week publications A series of projects together with Coeval Magazine. We teamed up with designers, artists, musicians and film makers to create editorial publications. We conducted interviews with each artist edited in a social media and digital friendly way adapting to internet’s fast pace and short attention span. Besides the magazine, we developed a studio format with which we collaborated with brands on creative and advertorial p
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