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Kate O'Connor

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Kate O'Connor

CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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A Creative with particular interest in strategy, concept creation, messaging and copywriting. I have a breadth of experience ranging from agency-side Creative and Consulting, to Technology and Financial Services industries, to Sport & Sponsorship.
  • Game on! For MSMS is a chronic illness that attacks the nervous system. 2.3 million people around the world live with the disease, many of whom were diagnosed in their twenties. The lack of awareness and understanding in this age group means a diagnosis can lead to social isolation. Merck recognised that supporting people with MS involves more than just developing medicines. They also need supportive communities to help them stay connected with their peers. So, when Merck asked us at Momentum how they could m
  • Zurich: Golf GuruThe Golf Guru was born to help all people, no matter who they are or where they are from. Everybody has a coach, some have a mentor, nobody has the Golf Guru. Watch his unorthodox, humorous and wholly unproven training sessions with Zurich's golf ambassadors and find out how he unlocks their true potential in some quite quirky ways. https://www.zurich.com/en/about-us/sponsorship/golf
Projects credited in
  • Yoni. What you put in your vagina is important.How do you get women to buy Yoni tampons instead of the market leading synthetic brands? Young women will happily reduce their booze and gluten, saying “my body is a temple”. We made sure they thought just as hard about what they put in their vagina. A social campaign reaching 2m people on the smallest of budgets. Fame: 140k YouTube views in just the 1st week alone.
  • Canopy, NuffinLetting renters make sumfin’ out of nuffin’
  • Kate O’ConnorIt was the third time Marla had seen him that week. The boy on the bicycle. She’d come to the beach early every morning since her sister had died. There was no point lying in the dark staring at the ceiling any longer. May as well get up and breathe in the sweet, salty sea air. That’s why her sister had moved to the coast in the first place. Not that it had helped. Marla had expected to be utterly alone, but she didn’t begrudge him rattling by on his rusty bike. He was clearly trying to escape s
  • Expedia. Expect More.How do you show you have the scale of big legacy players and the agility of trendy start-ups? Battling for market share on two fronts is exhausting, especially in B2B. So we switched the dilemma on its head, a weakness into a strength. Businesses should Expect More than just the techie razzmatazz of start-ups and the we’ve-always-done-it-this-way clunk of the bigger, older players. And Paul even got an email from one of Expedia’s thoroughly pissed off competitors. Hilarious! Fame: 63k YouTub
  • Canopy. Nuffin'.How do you get renters to realise their rent each month does nothing for their credit score? “Rent is dead money”. The thing is, it doesn’t have to be. We flipped the perspective, zeroing in on their frustrations, using quirky colloquialisms to show they can get more bang for their buck. Commuters photographing Ads is always a good sign, and London’ers were posting these all over their instagram. Fame: 98% increase in app downloads in the first 6 weeks.
  • Kate O’ConnorThis wasn’t the first time Ayo and Joska had made a break for freedom. There was the time they’d signed up to the army, but their plan was thwarted by grandmother when she found out and locked them in their bedroom for three days. By the time she let them out, all of their friends were gone. Many were probably dead. But this time was different. This time they were escaping the village under their own steam. After weeks of planning, they had their provisions collected and their bike in working or
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