Kate Stone

Creative Scientist

New York, United States
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“Dr Kate Stone is a game changer and she is going to shake up the world as we know it “ Bloomberg Europe 2016 Imagine a world where a teenager’s bedroom poster comes to life with the launch of a new album, or an LP that enables you to DJ from the actual record sleeve itself, or a notebook that actually plays musical notes? By adding interaction and capacitive touch to everything from hats and mandalas through to packaging and books, this is the world Dr Kate Stone is creating. With a degree in Electronics and a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University; Dr Kate Stone founded the award winning lab Novalia to explore the space where traditional print and conventional electronics converge, and is now a pioneer. Her company has created a new frontier for traditional industries that we already know and love, and who until now have been locked out of the technology age.

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Founder and MD


Jun 2006
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom
  • Full Time
  • Novalia’s technology adds touch, connectivity and data to surfaces around us. We play in the space between the physical and digital using beautiful, tactile printed touch sensors to connect people, places and objects. Touching our print either triggers sounds from its surface or sends information to the internet. From postcard to bus shelter size, our interactive print is often as thin as a piece of paper. Let’s blend science with design to create experiences indistinguishable from magic.



PhD Physics

University of Cambridge

Jul 1996 - Jun 2000
  • Cambridge, United Kingdom