Katie Killip

Katie Killip

Creative Director | Art Director | ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
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Katie Killip

Katie Killip

Creative Director | Art Director | ArtistLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Creative Director of a boutique agency since 2008. Team of two enthusiastic designers who love producing anything from large wall murals, to small hand-crafted print items, to cheeky social media campaigns. We have worked with international brands such as New Look, MTV and DJ Marc Kinchen, as well as a number of SMEs; lots of start ups and numerous charitable causes such as Pride CI. and Les Amis, Jersey. We offer branding, illustration, graphic design, hand lettering, conceptual copywriting, print, advertising, social media, art direction, signage, wall art etc... We work with a close networks of animators, photographers, web designers and marketing experts and a global market research company to deliver creative solutions. When I am not working on commercial projects I have a side-line in screen printing and street art. Using a mixture of collage, screen printing and stencilling techniques. Works can be seen around London and most recently at Glastonbury Festival 2019.
  • A I R
    A I RA little post I made to share with friends on instagram about my feelings during isolation week 3. Reposted from @katie.killip Not sure what to make out of all these feelings at the moment. So I’m making some new art out of them... Suffocating in the silence of this new affliction, in the city I always loved for its big bubbly personality. Tense faces are masked or wrapped up in scarves. I catch myself wondering if it’s safe to breath. I look up and wonder how long we’re really all going to do
  • AMP - Annie Mac Presents
    AMP - Annie Mac PresentsCreative work for AMP - Annie Mac Presents - to promote the brand to other brand partners. Created on behalf of The Collab and Paradigm Agency. We were gven the logo but the branding, artwork and design needed development to create a cohesive look bringing together all of the initiatives Annie Mac leads as a brand ambassador.
  • BE A NICE HUMAN - Street Art Mural in Dalston
    BE A NICE HUMAN - Street Art Mural in DalstonBe a Nice Human was the first design in our ‘Summer of Type 19’ Collection, a 3D experiment we created that took us on a journey to spread a little love and happiness to our corner of Dalston in East London. We want everyone to celebrate life, be positive and be unapologetically real - what ever that means to you. Create your own culture, be inclusive and diversify. Feeling a bit cheeky, we approached Print Club London with the design Photoshopped onto a shipping container in their alley way
  • The Power of Positivity Campaign - 2018 - Healthhaus
    The Power of Positivity Campaign - 2018 - HealthhausHaving had such great success together creating the original Healthhaus launch campaigns and their on-going communications, it was a real pleasure to develop the concept and designs for their next phase of growth at the club. After identifying it was time to reopen the membership and seek new applications, we discussed in depth the background on the club, how the closely knit team worked together and stories from members who have grown to call it their second home from home. We knew their key t
  • MK Spring 2019 US Tour
    MK Spring 2019 US TourWe were in our element after successfully winning the chance to design branding, posters and social media assets for super star DJ and Producer Marc Kinchen, also known as MK. MK needed graphics for his US Spring Tour “House Mates”, which would be a celebration of his career as a house DJ and feature special guest DJ appearances. Our designs featured bold typography and bold colours with a spring vibe. Because the tour was a journey through his career we added a futuristic feel to reflect hi
  • Tapestry Research Rebranding
    Tapestry Research RebrandingTapestry Research is an industry leading marketing research company based in London, New York and Austin, producing thought provoking research studies on behalf of clients such as Viacom, Disney, Dove and the Body Shop. They decided it was time to rebrand for 2019 and asked us to develop their aesthetic and create a toolkit the team could work with to produce their own high quality documents in-house in various Microsoft packages. Tapestry employ the latest thinking and technology to design s
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Projects credited in
  • Top 10: career advice tips for 2022
    Top 10: career advice tips for 2022Job hunting? Thinking of pivoting your career? Struggling with motivation? Wanting to grow your network? We’ve got you! We’ve put together our top 10 career-related questions for 2022 to help you navigate through the year ahead, no matter if you’re just starting out, or already have experience in the industry. Click through to see insights, advice and top tips from industry mentors and our brilliant Dots community. Got some thoughts of your own? Please add your own wisdom if you have anything
  • Spring Fun Office Murals
    Spring Fun Office MuralsOffice walls and murals done for a high street fashion retail brand in London.
  • Hell Yeah Murals
    Hell Yeah MuralsDesigns for the offices of a leading high street fashion brand.
Work history
    Mantra logo
    Mantra logo
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    We are a specialist branding agency based in East London. Mantra’s portfolio is a reflection of the creative team's fascination with the impact of art and design on culture. Our work is bold and impactful, we're deep thinkers and mischief makers. Our services are delivered through a variety of mediums and to various scales, with creative input given from concept to execution. We recently added our work to the Choose Love x Print Club London campaign to raise money for Help Refugees. You can see more of that here: https://printclublondon.com/artist/katie-killip/ https://printclublondon.com/artist/teresa-fryxell/
    DirectorUba Studio
    JerseyFull Time
    Founder and Creative Director at Uba Studio Ltd., Jersey (Channel Islands) first all female graphic design agency. All clients from this business were retained when I rebranded and relocated to London in 2015.
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  • Graphic Design
  • Hand Lettering
  • Illustration
  • Print Communications
  • Social Media
  • Advert Creation
  • Conceptual Copywriting
  • Campaign Advertising
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Logo Design
    Best BrandCIM | The Chartered Institute of Marketing
    Winner of Best Brand for my work on behalf of Healthhaus, Jersey. I was responsible for the conceptual copywriting, branding design, print, advertising design, content creation, marketing planning, project management and all on-going traditional and social media campaigns. I also coordinated a team that put together and managed the media planning and spending and created branded items for both pre-sale and post opening of this brand new venue/private members club. "The judges were impressed by the exceptionally clear and smart objectives, robust planning, clear development stage by stage. A strong evidence based approach to the brand strategy development, thinking through everything from POS to interior design, above and below the line products, branding, colours etc. Excellent differentiation strategy. Really beautiful design work with intrinsic values permeating all aspects of the design. A very clear understanding of the competition – and an ability through the design to really stand out from the pack. Exceptionally clear value proposition “If I lived in the C.I. I would want to join this gym”. This campaign found out who its target market was and delivered a campaign that was completed centred around them as demonstrated in their outcomes."
    Best Integrated Marketing CampaignCIM | The Chartered Institute of Marketing
    Winner of Best Integrated Marketing Campaign for my work on behalf of Healthhaus, Jersey. "This entry demonstrated an excellent multi channel approach to saturate the market in terms of share of voice. Exceptional implementation, using a huge variety of methods and channels, but all very clearly tied back to their objectives and key markets. Some channels worked better than others. Execution was sophisticated and branding lovely. The message was consistent, targeted and clear. Very effective measurement, against very clear objectives, resulting in highly successful outcomes. The business has a wonderful concept behind it. Perfect for the market it targets."
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