Kelsey Ellison

Kelsey Ellison

Influencer/EditorLondon, United Kingdom
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Kelsey Ellison

Kelsey Ellison

Influencer/EditorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm Kelsey, originally from Barnsley in South Yorkshire but now lives in London, which means everyone has to copy what I say and try and do it in my accent. I'm down to earth, but also full of energy! I started my creative career as a Youtuber ten years ago, which has now gained over 145,000 subscribers along with 106,000 on instagram. I'm a self taught content creator and I've worked along with brands in the past too. I have skills in creating videos from scratch, right from the idea, through to shooting, then editing (premier pro and final cut), to posting it and then promoting content. I also have a background in performing and still do that as a job! I am currently the producer of a fan film, which needs lots of hands on creative ideas as well as organisational and interpersonal skills!
  • Tik Tok/ Instagram Back to the 80s Hair demo
    Tik Tok/ Instagram Back to the 80s Hair demoTik Tok did a campaign on back to the 80's, so I created a short video on how to get 80's curls.
  • Dancing Hermione Meme
    Dancing Hermione MemeSomehow became a meme after dancing as Hermione Granger! My videos dancing as her were shared all over the internet including ENews, LADBIBLE, BUZZFEED, ID MAGAZINE and many more using my footage and creating content with my videos. The video was shared and reposted many times, and although there is no definite number, from what is gathered, there are over 10 million views!
  • Walking Dead Campaign
    Walking Dead CampaignMy creative content for the Walking Dead Art Campaign. They wanted something relatable, promotional and something that fitted with my audience and their expectations. This was their favourite piece of content I did for them.
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Work history
    Freelance SalesBuzz Retail
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Working in the Toy Kingdom in Harrods selling and demonstrating toys.
  • Editing
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Singing
  • Youtube Content
  • Presenting
  • Videography
  • Organisation
  • Content Advisor
    National Trinity Diploma in Music TheatreSLP College
     - Leeds, United Kingdom
    3 year course in Musical Theatre.
    GCSEThe Kingstone School
     - Barnsley, United Kingdom
    A*-C in English, Maths, Science, Music, Drama