Kerry Ann Cleaver

Kerry Ann Cleaver

Research based, Conscious DesignerFalmouth, United Kingdom
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Kerry Ann Cleaver

Kerry Ann Cleaver

Research based, Conscious DesignerFalmouth, United Kingdom
About me
Self described eco-ventionist with 4 years in house experience and a recent MA in communication design. My work focuses on ethical and authentic design experiences and concepts that focus on a local setting, but can be applied globally. With traditional graphic design experience, exhibit curation, workshops and brand building I wish to set more into the spatial sector and help form physical interactive engagement in the public sphere.
  • The Public Arboretum
    The Public Arboretum'If we reply on carbon offsetting and the future of technologies to extract carbon from the atmosphere, rather than reducing emissions at the source, then up to 1.4 degrees C extra warming could occur' - Friends of The Earth. Fighting carbon by taking responsibility on a local and approachable scale. Planting native 'legacy trees' to combat our own carbon, and understand how our purchasing decisions affect the environment - reducing emissions at the source. Creating local initiatives communities
  • Mark-Making Workshop
    Mark-Making WorkshopFalmouth is a great area for environmentalism and conservation, the river Fal is one of the locations which have a protected area of seagrass. Wanting to help bring awareness to this local topic and help the area thrive I formed a participatory workshop. Working from a quote by a previous student who worked directly with conservationists caring for seagrass, she mentioned that boats and chains were scarring and marking the seagrass, preventing growth and ultimately damaging the protected area.
  • Arcola Birthday celebration Mini Theatre
    Arcola Birthday celebration Mini TheatreGroup brief to form and deliver an interactive exhibit piece for community theatre Arcola in Hackney. Myself, Izzy Smithson and Tabitha Wykeham created our own mini-theatre which people could create their own character and interact with a wood worked mini-theatre, which we created from scratch. Featuring a stage area, changing rooms and a bar. Everything was created by hand, from the curtains, stools, origami clothing and box full of bits and pieces to create your own character. It was fun see
  • Pitfield's Window Display, 'Dr Curiosity'
    Pitfield's Window Display, 'Dr Curiosity'2016, London. Group brief to form and create a window display for Hoxton's Pitfields interior shop and cafe. Myself Tabby and Izzy designed a travelling man concept to highlight smaller objects in the store which may be missed when browsing. Spending time in the 3D workshop we cut, painted and lino cut our design, ourselves. The colours were picked from certain items in the shop to also form a coherent visual aesthetic for the space. Presented for a month, the store really enjoyed our work a
  • Tree Corridor
    Tree CorridorPoster for a 'Tree corridor' initiative for Anglesey council. By joining habitats together through tree corridors a bigger diversity can be encouraged. Using native trees. Starting with a sketch, I then draw out a larger drawing with a bespoke brush tool in the style of a mono-print. Creating a background with Procreate I brought all elements together with Photoshop.
  • In Cold Blood, Book Cover
    In Cold Blood, Book CoverBook cover design for Truman Capote's 'in Cold Blood' This was a submission for the Penguin Award in 2016
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Work history
    Graphic designerNutri Advanced
    High Peak SK23 7BR, UKFull Time
    Lead designer creating a range of work. From the researching to producing a final outcome I create; website and email headers, social media post, informational PDFs and paid promotion posts. On occasions I take product photography and videos. Liaising with departments and external companies to collectively gain an audience and develop the company branding.
    Graphic DesignerKerry Ann Cleaver
    United KingdomFreelance
    Currently taking on freelance work for conscious companies and Bands. I love page design and making publications, while having the freedom and fun of creating marketing for bands/ music artists. Am open to opportunities however if I am the correct fit for the project. Please contact me for more information or a general conversation.
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Layout Design
  • Typography
  • Editorial Design
  • Collage
  • Time Management
  • Collaborating
    Falmouth University logo
    Falmouth University logo
    Post-graduateFalmouth University
    Falmouth, United Kingdom
    MA communication design.
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Illustration and Visual MediaUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
    London, United Kingdom
    An experimental course covering a range of briefs. From shop window displays, publications, book covers, ceramics and videos.