Kuzma Kotovsky

Kuzma Kotovsky

Lead designerMoscow, Russia
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Kuzma Kotovsky

Kuzma Kotovsky

Lead designerMoscow, Russia
About me
Hello, I’m 3D and graphic designer. I’ve already designed 3 lighting collections, one of them (SPYTZA®) is featuring a unique technology named Neon Line X® — the X woven neon spokes, Bulbs and the LightNode® that work together, make bright anywhere. I’ve also designed one wooden furniture collection and now I’m designing the second furniture collection featuring luxury UltraNeoClassic style.
  • [R]OLT® Kÿ[e]nda
    [R]OLT® Kÿ[e]ndaThis is a coffee table with fabric-stylised extraordinarily shaped leg. Colour and fabric (satin) can can be changed to make table to seem as showy as it can fit to your interior.
  • [R]OLT® Orsÿ[e]ge
    [R]OLT® Orsÿ[e]geThis is new outrageous desk table of [R]OLT® collection. It's feature is multi-layer scared glass panels of the countertop that is made in free amœba form. The countertop is pleased on metal mono-leg.
  • [R]OLT® Maxnouwÿ[e]
    [R]OLT® Maxnouwÿ[e]Snouwÿ[e], but wider, more equipped and warmer.
  • [R]OLT® Snouwÿ[e]
    [R]OLT® Snouwÿ[e]This is my cat marketing — a new extraordinarily-styled bed, that's likely wears a vest to be the funkiest. The bed is equipped by 3 built-in lamps, that are placed under the spoiler. The corps is covered by wool and reflecting satin. Cover material can be personalised.
  • [R]OLT® Wenÿ[e]za
    [R]OLT® Wenÿ[e]zaAnother more conservative armchair variant also proposed in [R]OLT® collection. This armchair is based on metal frame (made from steel) with back and armrests. The seat, back and armrests are filled by cotton and can be personalised by cover and filling material.
  • [R]OLT® Laxÿ[e]s
    [R]OLT® Laxÿ[e]sThis is funky contemporary styled armchair shaped like tick on circled-square legs is very chilly, and ready for your relaxation from permanent art-nomadism from client to client. Colours and soft materials can be personalised.
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Work history
    Lead DesignerKouwalsen
    Moscow, RussiaFreelance
    This is my own studio
    Logo designKouwalsen
    Moscow, RussiaFreelance
    Logo designs for some clients, with deep dive to their brands.
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    3D DesignNational Design Institute
    Moscow, Russia
    Here I attend courses of Drawing, Painting and Composition