Laura Bruton

Laura Bruton

Digital Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinatorLondon, United Kingdom
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Laura Bruton

Laura Bruton

Digital Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinatorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
A passionate young creative with an interest in sustainability and slow fashion. Through the medium of graphics, styling and creative direction, I use my creative platform as a place to voice my opinions and concerns about the fashion industry and its relationship to the world around me. My visual identity is unconventional and progressive, taking inspiration from technology and science and merging it with the topic of sustainability to create innovative and thought-provoking imagery.
  • Social Media Advocate @ Trussell Trust
    Social Media Advocate @ Trussell TrustI have just signed up to become a Social Media Advocate for The Trussell Trust. With food banks becoming increasingly more vital for families during the pandemic, we must do more to make sure people can get the support they need. Trussell Trust distributed 1.6 million food parcels last year and with a 47% rise in the use of food banks in 2020, their work is more important than ever. Find out more at #socialmedia #foodbanks #charity #volunteering #community #donati
  • Freelance Graphics
    Freelance Graphics
    VOGUE MARSImagining a world where Vogue goes intergalactic. A concept created in line with my Final Major Project — using a a re-edited shoot from my first year at UCA Rochester. Styling/Editing/Photography by Me Chain Accessory: Issey Hennessy Model: Victoria Lynch
  • SOL 365
    SOL 365SOL 365 is a branded survival kit that promotes the make do and mend approach humans would need to survive on Mars. Inspired by the SS20 New Horizons collection by Christopher Raeburn, SOL 365 represents an innovative, forward-thinking response to the sustainable fashion movement. The core aim of the project is to teach people that by learning to survive on Mars with limited resources, it could help us to solve the environmental crisis we have found ourselves in on Earth. By celebrating doing
  • The Unknown Perpetrator
    The Unknown PerpetratorA 4,000 word article exploring the topic of synthetic materials and the microfibre pollution crisis. Written and graphically curated in the style of Fashion Revolution, the article educates consumers on the detrimental effect synthetics are having on the world around us and presents ways in which they can help limit their pollution. Below is a selection of pages from the document, please get in touch for full PDF.
    POLYCONTROLPOLYCONTROL is an app and sensory installation that was created to educate consumers on the negative effects of synthetic materials in the fashion industry. In collaboration with Harvey Nichols and launched through an interactive feature, the aim of my installation is to provoke consumers by stimulating their senses in an unconventional way. The accompanying app presents customers with innovative ways to care for their clothes and limit the microfibre pollution emitted into our oceans. Within t
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Work history
    Digital Marketing & Social Media Co-ordinatorLondon Organic Beauty
    London, United KingdomInternship
    Graphic DesignerReFashion The Future
    United KingdomFreelance
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    University for the Creative Arts logo
    University for the Creative Arts logo
    Fashion Media and PromotionUniversity for the Creative Arts
     - Rochester, United Kingdom
    First Class Honours
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    University for the Creative Arts logo
    Extended Diploma in Art and Design University for the Creative Arts
     - Canterbury, United Kingdom