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Leanne Spencer

Writer | Illustrator | Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Leanne Spencer

Writer | Illustrator | Graphic DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I have been a professional writer and graphic designer for five years and counting. I have a deep, creative streak that radiates from everything I do. I have had the pleasure, in the last five years of working with any number of extraordinary, ordinary people, who have crafted projects and goals and just needed a little help with the know how. At the time of writing this description, I recently finished a job with the events director The Hemraj Goyal Foundation. My job was to craft short stories from transcripts of conversations had, with successful, Punjabi women who had immigrated to England in their youth. It was a deeply enriching experience. I have also worked with Ty Gray-el on his poetry book dedicated to the works of Benjamin Bannerker. My job here was to illustrate the book and again, nothing but glowing reviews. I have decided to join this network of creatives as, though in the last few years I have learnt a lot on my own, I am now open to learning from and sharing with my fellow creatives.
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Work history
    Creative Art DirectorLeanne Spencer INC
    Croydon, United KingdomFreelance
    I write, graphic design and illustrate for my own company. I use 90% free resources available around the web under CC licence and retain profits to re-invest back into my company.
    Community and Communication MavenOLIVER Agency
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    I worked as a mavern (meaning a professional jack of all traits). I created the role and lead a team in the compnay toward creatiting a greater sense of diversity within the compnay. I also designed the logo for a new sub-organisation called "The Change Board" whose role it was to ensure the change created within the company not only came from a place of genuine understanding of the community, but also had a rolling policcy of memebers to ensure fresh minds were consistenbtly brought to the team.
  • Digital Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Book Illustration
  • Print Design
  • Drawing
  • Poetry
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production
  • Writing
    English Literature and Creative WritingThe Open University
    London, United Kingdom
    It is ill-advised to start a career in the creative industry without first getting your relevant pieces of paper.
    PortfolioSchool of Communication Arts
     - London, United Kingdom
    I went to the institution to sharpen my skills as a creative and further my connections in the creative industry. Though I did not complete the course due to its strains on my mental health, I'm proud to say I feel I achieved both of these goals.
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