Lourice J Ramos

Lourice J Ramos

Visual Storyteller, Artist, ModelLondon, United Kingdom
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Lourice J Ramos

Lourice J Ramos

Visual Storyteller, Artist, ModelLondon, United Kingdom
  • Looking through the Essential Eyes
    Looking through the Essential EyesA new series created for you to see the world through the eyes of the key workers during COVID19 During COVID19 me and my family's life had changed as we went from workers to essential workers. Behind the scenes we had to debate and consider ways to protect us and our customers, by buying equipment to guarantee safety, to dealing with customers and adapting our business online.
    URBAN BADDIEIn shoot organised by FullyClothedBeauty to give their models a porfolio update me and the photographers wanted to achieve an urban baddie look to have a diversity of look.
  • Esther Durin  EP Photo Shoot
    Esther Durin EP Photo ShootOn a shoot created by FullyClothedBeauty, Esther Durin organised a portfolio update and a shoot for her upcoming EP. Here are some of the images produced
    BLOSSOM BADIn a one week collaboration with Tileyard Impact, FullyClothedBeauty, Blossom Bad and me and multiple models and creatives responded to a brief from Blossom Bad to produce a set of images for their website and social media. Tileyard Impact helped provide us with a studio and professionals within the industry who we got to collaborate and network with. On this experience we got to meet Hive agency, learn how to edit images, style outfits, model and present the images to the client.
  • The Face of The People that Need YOU!
    The Face of The People that Need YOU!Delivered in a course by Create Jobs and Magnum Photos a brief was set by ItsNiceThat of 'What is your London?' The Face Of The People That Need YOU! is a portrayal of characters from Walthamstow Market, the heart and soul of my home. Growing up around shop-keepers and market traders from a young age i have witnessed generations come and go. With my personal connection to the community I can ask sensitive questions and gain honest insights, especially with a political issue like Brexit I can e
  • The Artists
    The ArtistsThe project is on going project of portraits of graffiti artists around London. The collection is a chance and space for other graffiti artists to show everyone their skills and have a platform to have their say.
Projects credited in
  • Model Shoots Central London!
    Model Shoots Central London!Email me for any inquiries- gwendatyner.aol.co.uk
  • London Town
    London TownRunning around the city centre with some friends!
  • Typical London
    Typical LondonA part of a collaboration that I did alongside Bilimae Latimer and Lourice J Ramos, may aim for this was to get a film look and experiment, with the grading. This is all for my photography page Meodphotography. For more Enquiries go to Meodphotograhy@gmail.com
  • Lourice  on Yellow
    Lourice on YellowA collaboration organized by my friend Billiemae Latimer , who gave me the chance to take pictures of Lourice as a way to build my portfolio. Its important to collaborate, creating, having fun with one another. This whole thing is a learning process and it can't be done alone. Thank you Lourice for being an amazing model you smashed it. More pictures on instagram via @ Meodphotography.
  • Creativity Works: Visual Storytelling
    Creativity Works: Visual StorytellingA 6-week photography program for Londoners aged 18 to 24 years old, mentored by Sohrab Hura. This intensive course seeks to equip London’s young creative talent with the connections, skills, knowledge and inspiration to tell stories that are important to them and that inform and impact social change. Through a range of practical workshops and activities, critique sessions and talks, twenty-five young Londoners will develop their own visual language and the skills required to understand photogra
  • Creativity Works- Visual storytelling with  Magnum Photos
    Creativity Works- Visual storytelling with Magnum PhotosThe Pursuit Drawing inspiration from Photographers such as Gordon parks and Diana Markostain. The Pursuit is a documentary style photo series shot and edited by Randy Mankoto. It highlights concepts of faith and community of people within his church. He felt that this was an important and unique story to tell seeing, as London is filled with millions of people with multitude of beliefs. His pictures are a mixture of interior and exterior scenes which looks at moments of reflection and intimacy;
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Work history
    Create Jobs logo
    Create Jobs logo
    TraineeCreate Jobs
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    On this course delivered by Create Jobs and Magnum Photos we got set a brief from ItsNiceThat to take a series of images of 'What is your London?'. Through out the course we got to create flyers, networked, best practice sharing, curated a exhibition, magazine layout, learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, explore different photography techniques, independent research, presentation skills, collaborative working, creative problem solving, and visual storytelling
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