luna cardilli

luna cardilli

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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luna cardilli

luna cardilli

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am highly independent and have worked in several industries from advertising to design and technology. I give my best leading teams going from ideas to prototypes, being hands on with UX/UI thanks to my background in visual design. Perfect for startups, I thrive in small teams. Passionate about the role of technology in everyday life, innovation, art, human behaviour.
  • Deviate
  • Are You Really My Friend
    Are You Really My Friend
  • Deep Emoji
    Deep EmojiHumans and emotions Humans are losing the ability to express the complex spectrum of their emotions. We often use UNICODE digital images to convey complex emotions in digital communication. In other words, we rely on emoji to say how we feel.* Algorithms and emotions At the same time, algorithms are getting better at reading human emotional states. Algorithms are now perfectly capable of understanding how humans feel and respond with the perfect content.* It's been proven that an algorithm knows
  • AI Dreams
    AI DreamsKnowing ourselves For decades Westerners have tried to understand their own nature by confessing their deepest truths, thoughts and dreams to psychotherapists. Following the quest of knowing myself, I have spent a third of my life in different kind of therapies. Today, social networks know more about ourselves than our friends, colleagues even spouses. There is something into pouring our thoughts online and interacting with online content that makes the seemingly innocuous social networks more human than human. Algorithms that we cannot fully understand because of their artificial intelligence nature, are better capable than humans in categorising us, into predicting what makes us take action, what makes us click. My relationship with social media is broken since it became clear that creating content meant doing free work in exchange for a little bit of visibility, connection and the fullfilment of simple narcissistic needs. I am much happier spending my time in other ways, and I haven't felt left out in the years I have spent consciously not using social media for entertainment. However, I am increasingly fascinated by social networks and I wonder how they see me. A part of me also feels compelled to mess with them. WHAT IF SOCIAL NETWORK HAD ACCESS TO THE PUREST VOICE OF MY SUBCONSCIOUS, NAMELY MY DREAMS? Social network, subconscious, fake news So what if social network had access to the purest voice of my subconscious, namely my dreams? And what if the dreams were narrated by an artificially created voice, that truly sounds like me - regional accent included - and that will outlive me, in the same way that our social network accounts outlive us? In the age of fake news, what does it mean to have the deepest thoughts, fears and desires, in the form of dreams, shared by a digital copy of your own voice that anybody can create? I don't know. The question is open. Old school human dreams dreamed by my human brain, then narrated by my AI voice, transcribed on Anchor, shared on Twitter, embedded and archived here. My AI voice is created thanks to and it really sounds like me.
    MEEGODesign Lead at MEEGO was created in 2017, before the release of Apple's ARkit. Our users - millennials living in metropolitan areas - would select an image or a gif to represent themselves and their personality. Their image would float around them in AR, were other users would be able to see it and access their profile, see their public wall and contact them. It works in a proximity of 402mt (a quarter of a mile), so you would see people actually around you. I created the UX and UI of the iOS and Android apps. I have also created all the marketing materials, logo and website as well as the animated characters. Sketch 3, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
  • Traces
    TracesTraces was one of the first Augmented Reality apps. It hit the App Store in 2015, and was rated Best New App by Apple. The app received great reviews by New Scientist, Wired, Cnet. The app went through two major redesigns during my stay at Ripple. I have supported the team through both pivotal moments, providing fast prototypes and design solutions, doing UX research and also research on the competition. Most of my ideas and proposals have been welcomed and have resulted in feature updates. The app has been used by many brands to create activations, my role was to generate ideas on how the app could have been used and then provide all the visual materials (images, videos, animations...). Some of the brands we collaborated with: GoPro, Viacom, Future of Storytelling, WPP.
Projects credited in
  • CreativeMornings / London
    CreativeMornings / London
Work history
    Hachette logo
    Hachette logo
    Creative DesignerHachette
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    In a creative duo with my partner, I have created all the illustrations of the book "Deviate" by Prof. Beau Lotto, published in Europe by Orion Books and in the US by Hachette. The book is about visual perception, and we have used illustrations as well as typography to engage the readers in riddles, games and secret worlds.
    Design LeadMEEGO
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    I am part of the founding team of MEEGO. My role was to create the UX and UI of the iOS and Android apps. I have also created all the marketing materials, logo and website.
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  • APP Design
  • 2D Animation
  • Illustration
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sketch
  • Prototyping
  • Foreign Languages
  • UX
  • UI
  • Time Management
    MA Applied Imagination in the Creative IndustriesCentral Saint Martins College Of Art and Design
     - London, United Kingdom
    (BA hons) Graphic DesignCentro Sperimentale Design Poliarte
     - Italy
    110/110, Distinction