Maria Luise Justesen-Jorgensen

Training Coordinator and HR officer

  • LocationIxelles, Belgium

About me


I am outgoing, creative, responsible and have high standards. Having worked for 15 years for the EU institutions, I have a broad experience in different policy areas, on how big organisations operate. and on event organisation. I have organised 175 big events for the EU over the later years. I love organising events. From the early phase of the preparations to the final execution of the event; the brainstorming of ideas, the structuring of tasks and deadlines, the interaction with collaborators and, not least, the interaction with participants. its such a pleasure to create a successful event, one that participants remember because the topic, the speakers, the setting, the food, the ambiance were just right.



  • Conference
  • Creative Event
  • Social Event
  • Coordination
  • Event Organisation
  • Event Planning