Marica De Michele

Marica De Michele

Filmmaker, Film Editor and (Set) DesignerNetherlands
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Marica De Michele

Marica De Michele

Filmmaker, Film Editor and (Set) DesignerNetherlands
About me
I am a filmmaker and set designer. My act is driven by an obsessive research for fragmented, unspoken and moving narratives. I look at the duality body/self exploring conflicts hidden among reality and its representation. Such “quest for conflict” is often situated within human body contours/ volumes/ gestures/ limitations, where space and matter are constantly involved aiming to contain/ extend/ influence/ disassemble.
  • TALE of LOVE (trailer)
    TALE of LOVE (trailer)In collaboration with Siciliano Contemporary Ballet, Tale of Love is an allegory of toxic love. On a transcendental level, the film grasps the psychological violence within an unstable and unbalanced love story. It's like a recurring dream. Trapped souls, poised between attraction and repulsion, unrequited obsessions and self-defence mechanisms. Tale of Love is the struggle between opposite but complementary forces. Characters never meet, yet they continue to relate to each other. T A L E o f
    FLESH ARTIFACTSWhat if humans would be able to smell, hear and see the world with other parts of their bodies ? Through the experimental multiplication of sensory organs in unusual body areas such as limbs and spine, this project investigates alternative ways of functioning and communication between humans. The intention is to increase sensory information in order to extend the human being perception of the world. In a progressively technological world, senses are amplified so one doesn’t forget to physically
  • BIANCA D’AMORE (trailer)
    BIANCA D’AMORE (trailer)Bianca d’Amore drives inspiration by a Giorgio Caproni’s poem about a small town in the south of Italy named “Martina Franca”. Bianca maybe is a real woman but we will never know,. She stands like a modern caryatid floating fast from a scene to another. The short movie doesn't have a real plot but it speaks to the public through the power of images in a mysterious way, not trying to lead anywhere but letting the emotions arise from the sounds and scents in a synesthetic experience. A symbolic an
    OF-LABOUR SYSTEMSDirector’s cuts by Marica De Michele Off Labour System is a fictional narrative written by designer Rob Johnson during his Social Design MA at the Design Academy Eindhoven. His concept '"fuses the cultures of work and fitness, valuing our voluntary exhaustion as a precious commodity. Reflecting on the powers that dictate our health routines in the context of increasingly digitised and efficient workspaces, how much does an environment affect the physique of a worker? How far is the millennial w
  • DAE insider’s view THE MAKING OF
    DAE insider’s view THE MAKING OFVideo Series in collaboration with Design Academy Eindhoven aiming to portrait all the school activities during Dutch Design Week 2019
  • DAE insider’s view GEO—DESIGN
    DAE insider’s view GEO—DESIGNSeries in collaboration with Design Academy Eindhoven aiming to portrait all the school activities during Dutch Design Week 2019. This video specifically is about the about the ‘ground braking design research exhibition on waste’ running at the Van Abbe Museum and all over Eindhoven city center. Curated by Martina Muzi, concept by Joseph Grima.
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Projects credited in
  • Colorful forest
    Colorful forestVideo for creative light show Skopje filming with sonyapha7||| Creative light show nice for filming at night
  • Of-Labour Systems
    Of-Labour SystemsOf-Labour Systems is a fictional narrative—albeit one that is merely a slight exaggeration of the spaces and cultures of work and fitness already present today, which value our voluntary exhaustion as a precious commodity. Eve, a young, eager millennial worker, is subject to a routine for better physicality in the context of a contemporary co-working space. The installation uses speculative objects, technologies, and social structures to explore the physical and ethical boundaries of fitness cu
Work history
    Filmmaker, Editor and Set DesignerMarica De Michele
    Director - FilmJaamil Olawale Kosoko
    Amsterdam, NetherlandsFreelance
    Documentary about his work as performing artist while touring in Europe
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  • Filmmaking
  • Film Directing
  • Film Editing
  • Documentary Film
  • Reportage Photography
  • Image Making
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  • Design
  • Camera Operating
    Bachelor in Arts Design EducationDesign Academy Eindhoven
     - Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Man & Communication Department
    5 months Exchange programSabanci University
     - Istanbul, Turkey
    Visual Arts
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