Marly Pierre-Louis

Copywriter / Strategist

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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About me

I am a senior level UX copywriter and creative organizer based in Amsterdam. I'm specifically interested in publishing and culture. I'm looking for opportunities to create to use technology, art and words to tell stories, amplify messages, and organize people and ideas.

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  • Publishing
  • Writing
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Communicating Ideas
  • Community Building
  • Event Planning
  • Curation
  • Content Curation
  • Brand Storytelling

Companies I’ve worked with


    • Non Creative Industries

Work history


Principal UX Copywriter

Apr 2019
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Full Time
  • UX Principals are leaders and experts in the discipline who serve as role models via the display of mature talent, impeccable communication, depth of skill and experience, and the production of work that is of the utmost quality. They are the strongest advocates for the customer within the company, working across teams and tracks to help ensure products and services are coherent, cohesive, and always serve the best interests of the customer. UX Principals are standard-setters; they define UX excellence and exceptional quality for designers and writers. UX Principals are pioneers; they help shape the strategic direction of new products and processes in order to drive forward progress. They foster understanding, build consensus, and ensure commitment to long-term product and design vision across multiple tracks and teams. UX Principals are strategic thinkers; they lead and directly contribute to the creation and execution of efforts focused on the continued evolution and refinement of our products. UX Principals are community builders; they establish the processes that guide and support all UX copywriters in the work they do. They define standards for design thinking and execution, devise methods for solving complex technical and business problems, and work to elevate the craft across the entire organization. Through their strategic vision they engage and connect efforts across design, product, technology, operations and business.


Lead UX Copywriter

Jun 2018
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Full Time
  • Lead copywriters are UX leaders who positively influence the strategy and the product and UX across multiple products and teams. Through direct and constant contact with the UXers and track product and technical leaders they improve the quality of our products. They achieve this through being fierce user-focus, championing the best possible user experience, managing and negotiating the right (and sometimes difficult) conversations with the right people, and demonstrating knowledge of the business from a broader perspective. They play a large role in fostering a UX community that can inspire other designers and copywriters and elevate the team’s ability to work more effectively and do their best work. A Lead upholds an inspiring leadership style, one of subtle influence rather than hierarchy. They are role models, mentors and strategists who execute UX initiatives with excellence.


Senior UX Copywriter

Feb 2017
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Full Time
  • - Challenge and influence teams in order to achieve goals faster and better - Share knowledge across copy community to multiply successes across tracks and business - Participate and help create a feedback loop for setting craft-specific OKRs - Give balanced feedback on the readiness of junior and core copywriters to be promoted - Create user stories, drive my own lines of experimentation aligned with product goals in mind - Responsible for the life cycle of copy and language - Set up, run, and monitor my own copy experiments - Participate in the creative process of product development - Coach, mentor, and provide craft feedback to copywriters and colleagues - Maintain copy quality in product area of ownership - Duplicate success across platform and teams - Inform, drive, and lead copy experimentation aligned with strategy of product - Use qualitative and quantitative data analysis to drive strategic product development - Write copy that considers potential translation issues (i.e. grammar or cultural sensitivities)