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Martin Farrar-Smith

Chief Design OfficerLondon, United Kingdom
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Martin Farrar-Smith

Chief Design OfficerLondon, United Kingdom
  • Mixtape 2018 — Yanny/Laurel
    The end of year mixtape is a self-initiated passion project collecting the best audio and visuals from the year. Each year I create a 90-minute mix and design an accompanying booklet. 2018's mix was inspired by this divided and uncertain climate we live in. Plus some absolute jams.
Projects credited in
  • Raws — Straws that don't suck
    Plastic Straws are destroying the environment & harming marine wildlife — Swedish Entrepreneur Eyoel Lundberg came to Manifest with a solution, a 100% natural, bio-degradable reed straw, grown in Sweden, but needed a name and his purpose articulating in a way only Manifest could. What we delivered: BrandManifesto, visual identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice
    As part of a broader strategy to elevate the position of beer and amplify BrewDog's anti-establishment strategy, we created the world’s first protest beer, ‘Hello, My Name is Vladimir‘. Satirising Russia’s anti-gay laws and openly declaring that it is ‘not for gays’, the beer was launched to coincide with the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics and support LGBT communities. Profits from the sale of the BrewDog beer went to international human rights charities combating the oppression of minoriti
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