Mary Stephenson




About me

Stephenson creates intimate ‘paper portraits’ of close family and friends through a meticulously combined process of prop-making, painting and photography. Working entirely from paper, cardboard and expanding foam, Stephenson constructs life-size stage sets for each of her sitters, depicting their home, workplace or a place of personal significance. Filled with intricately hand sculpted and painted props, these sets become 3D paintings that her subjects are invited to be photographed within. The resulting portraits combine and confuse the traditional binaries between painting and photography, theatre and life. Her works embrace a playful desire to get inside and within the staging of paintings, enacting the artist’s childhood fantasy to inhabit her favourite works of art. Having graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2011, Mary now works full time as a painter.

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  • Printmaking
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BA(Hons) Painting and Printmaking

Glasgow School of Art

Sep 2007 - Jun 2011
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom