Masakazu Otsuki

Masakazu Otsuki

Creative director, Design strategist, Futurist.Japan
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Masakazu Otsuki

Masakazu Otsuki

Creative director, Design strategist, Futurist.Japan
About me
OUR VISION: Making the world a better place with human possibilities and creativity. Why we act for: Empowering the youth and women We believe in acting as role models and inspiring the next generation of leaders towards SDGs goals. We stand for, are running for both femme empowerment to social advancement progressing that project calls "NADESICO" and the youth empowerment that project calls "You are our Future". Now my most effort to put to the second one “YOU ARE OUR FUTURE” to act, empower, encourage and illuminate the youth generation include talented artists, creators, and designers. We, COOM globally involve artists, creators, and people who can coexist, have empathy with us all over the world. In addition, Sustainability in the Fashion industry is also passionate about something to try to do to the future. I am really interested in what you do in your expertise because knowing the opposite culture, philosophy, thinking-way, etc boost my creativity more than now.
  • KOIYAMACHO guest house Identity
    KOIYAMACHO guest house IdentityKoiyama History "Koiyama-cho", the location of the main building, One of the three biggest festivals in Japan, One of the historic Yamaboko which inherits the tradition of the Yamaboko "Koiyama" of Gion Festival. Gion musici is ringing, during the late afternoon, "Koiyama" illuminated by glossy lantern lights, It shows an elegant figure near the house. Beyond the thousand years, pass the gorgeous festival inherited, Even now we, the people of Kyoto continue to protect.
  • SCUE kanazawa
    SCUE kanazawaOutline SCUE kanazawa, kanazawa, HOKURIKU is the city of snow era in Japan, is called " Small KYOTO ". So, There is still a pure tradition and pure spirit to protect Japanese culture. It has just started up the Japanese jewelry brand, combines traditional materials and soft cutting techniques with a wabi-sabi vibe. SCUE represents a picked up one's heart or feeling or something positively with a two-handed. In this concept, if a consumer receives the jewelry, they always get courage from them.
  • “You are our future”
    “You are our future”“You are our future!” − From Japanese youth to the world youth in order to achieve their own dreams. We, COOM involve artists, creators, and people who have empathy with us all over the world, We will run a new project and team. If we're not moving forward What are we moving for? Feels like we're losing order Fighting a losing war We need to work this out Can't do this by myself How did we let it go this far? Hey You know it's not too late for us to make a change You
  • “YOU ARE OUR FUTURE”  The person whom we are going to support by the project going on the first.
    “YOU ARE OUR FUTURE” The person whom we are going to support by the project going on the first.We are extremely proud of letting you all know the news that The person whom we are going to support by the project of “YOU ARE OUR FUTURE” going on the first. @tomomi_nishizawa Tomomi Nishizawa, the Tokyo-born, Tokyo-bred artist, her alternative take on East Asian beauty standards and philosophical, “glittery cute” approaching to her creation but more depth. Celebrating her unique take on Fashion or cosmetics-meets-human desired as makeup changing. In this latest, her installation of COOM m
  • Olya Kosterina, Femme Fashion brand site for Customers.
    Olya Kosterina, Femme Fashion brand site for Customers.Our recent project for a foreign client. Creative & Art direction, Information architect, Planning of contents, UI/UX.
  • Manhattan Nursing Services - Corporate Identity
    Manhattan Nursing Services - Corporate IdentityManhattan Nursing Services is the new services for providing, with motto  "Team of Professionals committed to provide Restorative Nursing Services in the comfort of your own home!" Especially for Elder people in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, NYC. LIFE CREATIVE kyoto handled a concept design in CI development, a symbol logo design, development of images on business materials and other touching point.
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Work history
    Founder, Director, Innovative Integratorentheoom
    Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, JapanFull Time
    entheoom The platform to co-create something new together with anyone who is so much resonating with us. en = good relationship ご縁、 theo = your inner god 内なる神、 om = universal sounds, the sounds to create the universe 阿吽   自然に相い、歴史を尚び、文化と躍る。 「我々はどこからきたのか、我々は何者か、我々はどこへ向かうのか。」 ポール・ゴーギャンの絵画のタイトルにあったこの問いが、 今ほど切実に疼くほどの痛みを伴って我々に問いかけている時代はないのかもしれません。 そんな不確かな、不安定な、先の益々見えにくい時代であるからこそ、 皆が立ち止まって自分自身を見つめれる場、自分自身と向き合える場、そして出会った仲間たちと同じ共通意識をもち、共に共創していける場。 そんな『場』を、われわれは世界中の同士と創造していきます。 われわれがいま一番失っているのは、外示してくるものの圧倒的なプレッシャーによってそれぞれの「内なる神」の声が聴こえなくなっているということです。 内示してくるものが衰えると、「ひらめき」も乏しくなります。 つまり直感が鈍るのです。 インスパイアの源はエンシオス(entheos)、情熱を意味する ”enthusiasm” の語源にあたるギリシア語です。 これは「インスピレーション」の語源でもあります。 生物学者でもあり、国連人間環境主義のアドバイザーを務め、”Think globally, Act locally” の言葉でも有名な、ルネ・デュボスはこう言っています。 『われわれには本来、「内なる神」としてのインスピレーションが潜在していて、このインスピレーションを取り出すことが人間の精神の力であり、魂(ソウル)や霊(スピリット)が出入りしていた。 インスピレーションが跳ねていたのだ。』 僕は、この本来の人間に備わった力を呼び覚ます『場』、エンシオス(インスピレーション)の神を出入りさせる『場』こそ今の時代に、今後の時代に求められているのではないだろうかと直観したのです。 世界は繋がっている、ならその関係性を切り離さず、相互にインスピレーションを受けたり放ったりする『場』。 それぞれに眠る『内なる神』、それぞれが持ち合わせている『無限の可能性』を呼び覚ます『場』。 そんな『場』を迸らせるのです。 Be close to nature, honor history, and thrive with other cultures Where did we come from, who are we, where are we going? This question, from the title of a painting by Paul Gauguin Perhaps there has never been a time that asks us questions with such a searing pain as now. In such an uncertain, unstable, and increasingly difficult to see the future, it is precise because of these times that A place where everyone can stop and look at themselves, face themselves, and the friends they have met A place where we can share a common consciousness and create together. We will create such a "place" with others include you around the world. The thing we are losing the most is the overwhelming pressure of the outside world. It means that the voice of each "inner God" is deafened. As the inner revelation diminishes, the "inspiration" becomes scarce. In other words, our intuition is dulled. The source of inspiration is entheos, the root of the word "enthusiasm" meaning passion It is a Greek word. It is also the origin of the word "inspiration". He is also a biologist and advisor to the United Nations Human Environmentalism and the "Think globally, Act locally" René Dubos famously said, "We have a latent inspiration as the God within. We inherently have a latent inspiration as the "God within," and this inspiration is The power of the human spirit to take out was the power of the soul or spirit coming and going. Inspiration was jumping. I was looking for a 'place' to awaken this inherent human power, the god of entheos (inspiration) I intuitively felt that the "places" that allow people to come and go are what is needed in this day and age, in the future. If the world is interconnected, then a "place" to be mutually inspired and let loose, without separating the relationship. A place to awaken the God within, a place to awaken the infinite potential in each of us. Gush out such a field.
    Co Creator, Synergetic affector & advocatorFashion Forward
    New York, United StatesFreelance
    Fashion Forward is a think tank founded in 2020 by sociologist and branding strategist Sara Emilia Bernát, and fashion historian and archivist Doris Domoszlai-Lantner as a response to the limitations around the current discourse on sustainability in fashion. I am responsible for to boost FASHION FORWARD by approaching creative thinking, Narrative approaching, Japanese aesthetics, and ZEN mind. Join us as we analyze and create solutions for some of the world’s most pressing issues in fashion and fashion-adjacent industries. ファッション・フォーワードは、 社会学者・ブランディング戦略家 サラ・エミリア・ベルナートとファッション史家・アーキビストのドリス・ドモズライ・ラントナーにより2020年に設立されたシンクタンクです。 この地球上で、今起きている、ファッションにおける、また消費社会での、持続可能性に関するコンテクストの限界への提言、ソリューション、新たな行動を共に考えるものです。 私たちと一緒に、ファッションとファッションに隣接する産業における世界で最も差し迫った問題のいくつかを分析し、抽象的なアイデアを人間中心のソリューションでもって創造してみませんか。 僕の役目は、 クリエイティブシンキング、ナラティブ・アプローチ、日本的な美意識、禅の心を持って、この団体に提言して行きます。
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  • Creative Direction
  • Art Directing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Ideation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Future Trends
  • Brand Identity
    Bachelor Graphic DesignSchool of Visual Arts
     - New York, United States
    Class experience : Open Heart design with David Carson as know as designing Raygun magazine and a surfer : Projects with the Pentagram NYC & AIGA & Type Directors Club : Brand Strategy as intermediate : Color theory as intermediate : Typography as intermediate
    M.F.A Masters Fine Art Saga Art University in Japan
     - Japan
    人と社会をとりまくマスコミュニケーション、メディアとデザインのありよう、関係性についてより深く学ぶ。 アドヴァタイジング、コーポレートアイデンティティ、ブランドアイデンティティ、デジタルコンテンツ(モバイル、WEB)の可能性についても示唆。 いずれのアサイメントもコンセプトワークに主体をおく。