Megan Watson

Megan Watson

Graphic DesignerUnited Kingdom
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Megan Watson

Megan Watson

Graphic DesignerUnited Kingdom
About me
I’m Megan Watson, a digital artist inspired by cyberculture theories. I explore the glitches connecting humanity, technology, and nature through 3D rendered illustrations, animations, and interactive VR. Based in the Northeast UK, my work has been featured in multiple magazines and local exhibitions. I’ve created numerous music videos and EP covers for musicians. Notable designing the visual concept for Moonray Pixie, supported by Brighter Sound I collaborated closely with Grace Stubbings to bring the alter ego of her production work to life. Graduating from Goldsmiths University in Southeast London in 2020, I discovered my fascination for narrative design after studying critical and speculative design. A very fast-paced course that encouraged an understanding of sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical debate within our design practice. ​ I’m interested in converting aspects of nature into digital formats, working largely with 3D rendering software to explore the modern relationship with nature.
  • The Air in Cyberspace
    The Air in Cyberspace‘The Air in Cyberspace’ is a Si-Fi fictional collection of work depicting cyberspace as an alien planet, emerging from our own. Cyberspace is a parallel universe, a datascape of information seeping from the ‘real and physical world’ to a geographical abstract ocean of electricity. Inspired by bioluminescence, the emission of light by a living organism and other alien-like qualities of earth’s creatures. Such as the Turritopsis Dohrnii, formally know as T. nutricula and commonly referred to as t
  • Desert of The Mind
    Desert of The MindMusic video I animated for Leeds based musician Obyssia
  • Moonray Pixie
    Moonray PixieHappy to be announcing my collaboration with musician Grace Stubbings. I've developed a 3D character that will feature across artwork and music videos for Moonray Pixie.
  • Natural AI
    Natural AII’m interested in converting aspects of nature into digital formats, using 3D rendering software to explore the modern relationship with nature. Natural AI imagines AI as an organic self-developing form. What would it look like to cut out the ‘middle-man’ and have metallic post-human intelligence emerge independently? To find out more visit: NATURAL AI | Mwatson (
  • Grow, Bloom, Love.
    Grow, Bloom, Love.SWM collective digital show, in collaboration with Dovetail Joints and WET Productions SWM is a collective of three recent graduates from three principal backgrounds. Combining their experiences in art, music, and dance they work collaboratively on art and social engagement projects. They produce original work whilst also hosting workshops in the local community. SWM stands for Supporting Wellbeing through Making. Inspiring creativity is a goal that lies at the core of their creative practice.
  • ODAS - The Long Dark (Official Video)
    ODAS - The Long Dark (Official Video)Animated video I created, commissioned by ODAS. The Long Dark is part of the #DeadScenePoems​ project released across 2021. Supported by Help Musicians. The Long Dark premiered at the 2021 Wakefield Artwalk Film Festival.
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Work history
    Ambassador and Graphic DesignerBe The Change Project
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    I have been volunteering with Be the Change Project as a graphic designer. Designing a series of t-shirts and products raising money to support humanitarian and environmental causes, as well as producing illustrations for their social media content.
    Visual ArtistMegan Watson
    United KingdomFreelance
    MIMA – Short Film Premier - 2021 Middlesbrough Art Weekender – The Auxiliary Exhibition– Featuring a collection of work - 2021 Shortlisted artist – Force of Nature Exhibition Glyndebourne - 2021 Sound of Hartlepool – Waterfront Festival Workshop - 2021 Blueprint project – Creating a short film with Northern Film & Media - 2021 The Art of Being Queer Digital Exhibition- featuring one artwork - 2021 Music Video – Desert of the mind, Obyssia - 2021 Supporting Wellbeing by Making – 10-month artist placement – 2020/2021 Lakeland Arts - Character Design and Illustration - 2021 NOVA CHEM - Full Company Branding, Logo, and Assets - 2021 Moonray Production - Branding, Character Design, Animation, and Artwork - 2021 Pineapple Black International Woman's day exhibition - featuring one work - 2021 The Holy Art - Genesis Exhibition - featuring two works - 2021 Branding and Content Creation - Goffs Ready to Wear - Illustration and Marketing - 2021 Music video - The Long Dark, ODAS – Featured at Wakefield Film Festival - 2021 T-Shirts for Change - Humanitarian and Environmental campaign for Be The Change - 2020 Tides - Wintertide Art walk Festival - Hartlepool - 2020 Grow, Bloom, Love - Digital exhibition - 2020 Album artwork and Logo Design - Madeline Smyth, Grace Stubbings, VENUS GRRRLS - 2020 Animated video, artistic collaboration - Garden of The Deep - 2020 Architecture intern – Iznajar Studio – 2019 BRUIT - Project Branding and Publication for The British Library - London - 2019 The Landscape of Dreams - Event at The Studio Hartlepool - 2019 Series of workshops - Household Instruments - Hartlepool - 2019 Unconference Leeds – Branding and Graphic design for the event - Leeds - 2019 TEKHTM - Performance Art - Brixton Recreational Centre - London - 2018 Modelling of art for an exhibition - Creative Debuts - London – 2018
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Artist
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Art
  • Content Creation
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Blender 3D
  • Blender
    Goldsmiths, University of London logo
    Goldsmiths, University of London logo
    DesignGoldsmiths, University of London
     - London, United Kingdom
    I studied Critical and Speculative Design - a very fast-paced course that encouraged a strong narrative of social responsibility and ethical debate within our design practise.