Mehmet Turan

Mehmet Turan

Image Post-Production & 3D ArtIstanbul, Turkey
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Mehmet Turan

Mehmet Turan

Image Post-Production & 3D ArtIstanbul, Turkey
About me
Senior independent image post-production specialist -retoucher with twenty-one years of experience. The main area of interest is image compositing. I enjoy combining multiple and realistic computer-generated images (CGI) with sharp details, natural lighting, and vibrant colors. I create realistic, appealing, and highly artistic visuals. Represented by Qench in India.
  • Mypot
    MypotThe two-year-old project involved creating 3D models of indoor/outdoor garden systems and large pots for growing herbs and veggies from technical drawings or photos. Our team spent 6-8 months on 3D modeling, design, rendering, and compositing. To save cost, we sourced real plants from stock sites rather than 3D modeling them. The biggest challenge was making the plants and composites appear realistic in the final renders.
  • Future of Robots
    Future of RobotsDFA Robotics, a company based in Japan, wants to raise awareness about the future of robots and their potential for everyday use. They envision a future where individuals will invest in robots and earn passive income through their work. The maintenance of these robots will also be crucial, leading to an increase in the number of maintenance personnel to ensure uninterrupted service. Furthermore, as devices become more connected, they will be able to share information and improve our lives signif
  • Orca Mobility
    Orca MobilityMeet Orca, the nimble electric cargo AV that goes where others can't. With its tiny footprint, slender profile, and high efficiency, it's designed to move countless smaller payloads with greater speed and agility, at a lower cost per mile, than any alternative. For this project, Orca Mobility asked us to visualize their vehicle in real-life scenes.
  • Tuscanini Gelato
    Tuscanini GelatoBrand: Tuscanini Foods Agency: Heart Works, NY Post-Production: Mehmet Turan 3D: Emre Zorer One of the biggest indicators of summer is coming is starting to work on ice cream visuals, and we received such a request from Heart Works at the beginning of summer of 2022. They wanted to link an “Italian” feel to the ice creams.
  • ZF Campaign
    ZF CampaignArt Director & Post-Production: Mehmet Turan CG Artist: Emre Zorer Client: ZF
  • DRNX
    DRNX3D design, rendering, and compositing of the 3D visuals onto pre-rendered backgrounds and photos. DRNX Adaptogenic Waters. All-Natural Premium Ingredients Adaptogenic Beverage with Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Electrolytes Sugar Free Sports Drink – Keto and Fasting Friendly – Kosher – Vegan – Plant Based CGI Artist: Emre Zorer Post-Production: Mehmet Turan 3d Artist: Emre Zorer Post production Artist: Mehmet Turan 35milimetre Post-Production Services
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Work history
    Retoucher, Post-production Artist35mm
    Istanbul, TurkeyFull Time
  • Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • Capture One Pro
  • Adobe Lightroom
    MBASabanci University
    Istanbul, Turkey