Mel Edwards

Mel Edwards

Freelance Illustrator/stop motion animator/3D DesignerUnited Kingdom
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Mel Edwards

Mel Edwards

Freelance Illustrator/stop motion animator/3D DesignerUnited Kingdom
About me
Mel Edwards works in a range of materials but specialises in making three dimensional, precision made, paper sculptures. She is excited by the versatility of paper and believes that the material can be used to make almost anything. Her paper sculptures can be used in sets, displays or stop motion animations but can also be photographed to produce images for advertisements, magazines and books etc. Melanie is able to animate and photograph her paper sculptures in-house but is happy to collaborate with other creatives, photographers and animators too.
  • Money Advice Service and animations
    Money Advice Service and animationsI was asked by Casual Films to produce over 100 paper props for a series of stop motion animations for the Money Advice Service. The animations illustrate some top tips for saving money and are currently being used on Money Advice Service's social media channels and website.
  • Borough Life: Summer of Culture (Magazine cover & promotional animation)
    Borough Life: Summer of Culture (Magazine cover & promotional animation)I was asked to create the cover for Wigan Council's Borough Life magazine (Arts & Culture edition). I also produced a promotional animation and series of teaser GIFS - these will be featured on the Wigan Council social media accounts in the lead up to the release of the magazine.
  • Paper Articles - A Year in Science
    Paper Articles - A Year in ScienceThis is the first part of what will hopefully become an ongoing project. The project is called Paper Articles and illustrates news paper articles using paper art. As a bold start Paper Articles, a smaller project has been created 'A year in Science'. This project focuses on news paper articles written by Ian Sample - the science editor for the Guardian news paper. One article written by Sample, was selected from each month of 2016 and illustrated using paper art. In the future though, illustrati
  • Promotional GIF Series - ZMD Music
    Promotional GIF Series - ZMD MusicA collaborative project with Zack Duffin. For the release of his new music, I was asked to create a series of eye catching paper craft GIFS as a visual to go with the short sound bites that he plans to upload to Instagram in the coming weeks. 
  • Arabian Nights in Paper
    Arabian Nights in PaperFor our independent projects at university we are invited to set whatever brief we choose. I really love paper art so I set (what would be to me) a dream brief: GF Smith have opened a two floor paper sanctuary just off Oxford Street. It is used as an event and exhibition venue and regularly hosts creative takeovers by artists and designers. You are the designer that has been asked to create the next show space. The space should bring your artistic style and vision to life in paper form. The topic of the show is your choice but it must challenge, inspire, and wow its viewers. Throughout this show case GF Smith hope to appeal to everyone from students to creative directors alike. The chosen theme was Arabian Nights. Three tales were chosen from the book and then I illustrated them using symbols. A shortened version of each tale would be printed on the wall beside each lantern. Hopefully this would challenge the viewer to interpret how the symbols connect to each story. Each symbol is concealed inside an Arabian style  lantern, made completely from GF Smith papers. These lanterns would be displayed in the GF Smith studio to show the possibilities of what can be done using their papers.  If I had more time to spend on the project, or if this was a real brief, I would have illustrated more/all of the tales from the book.
  • The Desnacktor
    The DesnacktorThe Desnacktor is a mythical machine that processes unhealthy snacks and then provides the user with a distraction to take their mind off them. This is hopefully just the first in the series of “Mel’s Mythical Machines” - a personal project.  The piece its self is made from painted wood, perspex and an assortment of random objects. It is animated mainly using stop motion.
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Work history
    Design InternVBAT
     - Amsterdam, NetherlandsInternship
    Design InternThe Makerie Studio
     - London, United KingdomInternship
  • Paper Craft
  • Paper Art
  • 3D Illustration
  • Animated Gif
  • Stop Motion
  • Art Direction
  • Craft
  • Creative Art Direction
  • Still Life Photography
  • 3D Props
    University of Leeds logo
    University of Leeds logo
    BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design, First Class Honours (1st)University of Leeds
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    University of Leeds logo
    University of Leeds logo
    Leeds University School of Design PrizeUniversity of Leeds
    Adobe Design Achievement Award 2017Adobe Design Achievement Awards
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