melina vasiliou

Brand & Media Manager

Mid Level
Athens, Greece
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  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Event Organisation
  • Content and Media Writing
  • Media Relations
  • Events PR

Companies I’ve worked with

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    Showhat Events/ Sony Music Entertainment Greece

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      Panik Entertainment Group

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        Noxious Butterfly Ltd

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          Work history


          Brand and Media Management


          Apr 2016
          • Athens, Greece
          • Full Time
          • Direct all deliverables for advertising and marketing objectives, along with, Brand Management and Development, Branding, positioning and Reputation Building, Social Media and Press Management, as well as, Influencer Marketing and Creative and Content Management. Oversee strategies and media plan development, ensuing that it aligns with corporate identity and advances brand value, reputation and sales performance objectives capitalising on new opportunities. Orchestrate communication recommendations and development, while propelling innovative growth strategies. Conduct creative digital marketing, marketing trends analysis, business insights to optimise outcomes and monitor customer insights, in tandem with ROI and KPI. Collaborate with Digital Department, in order to foster affiliate relationships, assess competitors, establish/enhance digital presence, and SEO expediting network and business affairs development and management. Concurrently manage social data/metrics and customer support, by ensuring instant resolutions for customer concerns. Deliver assistance in budget forecasting and planning to guarantee cost effectiveness of marketing operations. Key Accomplishments: - Led brand positioning and management process to optimise brand image and reputation maximising exposure and accelerating profits -Successfully tripled sales and doubled the company’s audience and customer loyalty by strengthening the brand reputation and value through highly effective digital marketing strategies, the recognition of opportunities, key offline and influencer marketing strategies and new product development. - Devised social media strategies, Google Ads and identified new growth opportunities while conducting benchmarking, audience insights, planning, as well as market research. - Assessed and improved performance of all marketing campaigns to ensure compliance and meet company’s stated goals objectives, and managed daily social media content. - Effectively establish extensive network for the brand, through collaboration with key industry professionals, media buyers, influencers, fashion/celebrity stylists, photographers, graphic designers, journalists and online/offline media. - Employ SEO strategy in order to optimise the brand’s pages across all social media platforms, managed and administered the brand’s e-shop


          Artist & Marketing Management, Event Bookings, Tour Management

          Noxious Butterfly Ltd

          Apr 2013
          • Athens, Greece
          • Full Time
          • Effectively manage artist, Katerine Duska, inclusive of communications, awareness, exposure, record deals, image building, strategic development, digital marketing, air play, and event placement along with all aspects of achieving stardom. Build strong rapport with TV, Radio and online channels to create vital relationships, organise interviews promoting the singer. Play an integral role in effectively and creatively connecting artist to audience. Envision and implement strategic marketing concepts for managing social media profile, fan interaction, and social data/metrics. Conduct tour management, promotion, and public appearances. Spearhead live performances inclusive of sound and lighting, transportation, wardrobe and make-up, along with security and promotional material. Hold responsibility for tour management, bookings, calendar of activities, and personal assistance, as well as, manage publicity and conduct social media guidance. Concurrently function as booking agent with several other artists. Key Accomplishments: - Directed marketing efforts and increased artist’s worth as well as empowering vision, mission, goals, strengthening reputation, building strong image of artist and increased sales and exposure. - Employed expert artist management and negotiation skills to successfully close a record-breaking 360 deal with Universal Music Group Greece, deftly managing the artist’s, promotions, live bookings, and releases. - Diligently promote massive airplay, as well as, conduct promotions, image and reputation building, and coordinate numerous live events - Successfully added artist’s track “One in a million” in a CD compilation in Poland and achieved radio airplay in Polish radio and Bulgarian radio. - Organised successfully more than 50 live shows, and collaborated with international artists as well as increased awareness of singer. - Focused on utilising profitable social media tactics to promote artists’ personal profiles and fan pages along with making improvements in fan-generated content.


          Promo/PR Manager & Tour Manager

          Panik Entertainment Group

          Mar 2014 - Mar 2016
          • Athens, Greece
          • Full Time
          • Directed implementation and planning of publicity, promotional activities, reputation for up to 10 artists building network and partners and served as marketing liaison with tv, radio stations, press contacts, and online media, directors, music composers & producers, promoters, musicians, stylists etc. Provided optimal social media guidance, tour management, career and business affairs development, live event management, artist promotion and management all within budgetary goals and deadlines. Promoted innovative social media content to expand fan base. Developed excellent strategies to enhance artist promotion along with organisation of photo shoots and various promotional activities to increase artists worth and accelerate advertisement operations. Key Accomplishments: - Efficiently managed music artists, inclusive of Demy, Boys and Noise (No1 Greek boyband), Doody, Dj Pitsi, Josephine, Stelios Legakis and assisted in management of Eleni Foureira, Kostas Martakis, Despina Vandi, Thomai Apergi, Christina Salti, Mike, Paris, Konstantinos Frantzis, and Omniah. - Delivered active guidance and leadership support to artist image as well as build out and maintained significant media partner’s network. - Partnered with sales department to coordinate actions, generate publicity and reputation, establish media relations as well as conduct press/media Interviews while developing innovative ideas to promote artist, and initiate publicity and buzz. - Oversaw live performances, accompanied artists for live events, planned itinerary / transportation and accommodation as well as resolving complex issues. - Triggered an increase in fan base and enhanced artist reputation through the employment of social media and strategies to engage and strengthen fans loyalty, online and offline press, and coordinating events for fans, such as meet and greet.


          Local Touring Manager, Event Management, Live Bookings

          Showhat Events/ Sony Music Entertainment Greece

          May 2011 - Dec 2012
          • Athens, Greece
          • Full Time
          • Identified and developed effective marketing strategies by collaborating with multiple departments to support artists. Spearheaded events and tours for numerous artists. Created valuable partnerships with relevant industries to execute shows and promotional performances. Researched best venues and assisted artists in various matters. Performed cross-team collaboration and liaise with designated departments to strategize events and tours, forecast and efficiently administer budget and to ensure all events complied with budgetary requirements. Fostered relationships with key stakeholders in an effort to ensure achievement of promotional and event goals. Effectively managed itineraries, promotional performances, shows, and events. Key Accomplishments: - Expertly managed Artists, such as, Ivi Adamou, Dj Reckless, Dj San, Nikki Ponte, Kokkina Xalia, Christos Dantis, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Vassilikos, Nevma, Pink Noisy, Dimension X, Harry Antoniou, Irini Duka & Greggy K, Stavros Ntantos, George Mylwnas, No Profile, Creal, and Claydee Lupa. - Developed and maintained partnerships in industry to optimise music production, distribution, marketing, promotion, traditional media, fashion, hospitality, transportation, backline providers, and security. - Produced and sustained exact itineraries for artists, including travel details, time schedule, accommodation, transportation, show details/schedule, promo plan for the shows. - Ensured swift identification and resolution of complex issues occurred on initial stages related to concerts/shows, tours, promotional activities through effective event planning and coordination.


          Marketing Assistant/ Event Production Assistant & Secretary

          Showhat Events/ Sony Music Entertainment Greece

          Sep 2009 - Apr 2011
          • Athens, Greece
          • Full Time
          • Functioned in multiple roles during this tenure. Lent integral support to the marketing department, through network expansion and service promotion, brainstorming, as well as, public relations. Played a critical role in idea conception for promotion material, digital marketing, and event promotion. Held administrative production responsibilities such as, event management backstage, suppliers coordination and supervising, scheduling, and logistics. Assisted Executive Producer with numerous tasks, inclusive of proposals and client presentations, venue scouting, and cooperating with police, ambulance, along with fire services to acquire licence and assistance for events. Key Accomplishments: - Expertly developed services presentations and propositions for Media Partners for numerous event bookings and pitches. - Supported Marketing Manager to create integrated marketing communication strategies for several events. - Fostered awareness of safety, risk, and health assessment issues, which helped to mitigate occupational risks. - Functioned as liaison for contractual agreements between parties, such as insurance, government services, public services, municipalities, external health and safety consultants, and suppliers.



          Master of Arts in Advertising & Marketing

          University of Leeds Business Scool

          Sep 2007 - Sep 2008
          • Leeds, United Kingdom
          • Grade: Merit Dissertation: “Music in Advertising: Valence and music/genre congruity with advertisements and their interactive effects upon ad and brand attitudes”


          Bachelor of Science in Business Management

          Norwich Business School (UEA)

          Sep 2004 - Jul 2007
          • Norwich, United Kingdom
          • Grade: Top 2-1 class


          National Graduation Diploma

          Lanitio Lyceum

          Sep 2001 - Jul 2004
          • Limassol, Cyprus
          • Average grade: 19.818 (19 9/11) out of 20 Main (optional) subjects: Mathematics, Marketing, Business Administration, Compulsory subjects: Modern Greek, English , Italian, Theater



          Fashion as Design

          Museum of Modern Art

          • Online Certificates through platform • March 2018 - Fashion as Design by the Museum of Modern Art


          Management of Fashion & Luxury

          Universita Bocconi

          • Online Certificates through platform • May 2017 – Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies – by Universita Bocconi