Michelle Thomas


About me

Fear? Fear gets a bad rep. Fear prevents atrophy. It keeps us moving, and offer us the opportunity to choose a direction. Fear made me quit a promising career as an agent for a comedy company to make coffees and build an impressive writing portfolio. Fear made me buy strangers’ stories for £1. Fear got me a writing job for Australia’s most notorious rock star. Fear made me write a blog that’s been read by 500,000 people worldwide. Fear drives me to create content that’s gained me 40,000 followers in the last year. Fear got me two agents. Fear made me cancel my Netflix account. Fear made me take up running. Fear made me leave London and come back to Bristol. Fear tells me what I love, and how to get it. Fear precedes fearlessness. I'm a copywriter at McCann Bristol. I'm also a blogger, and I'm building my brand by capitalising on my viral success last year. I've built an impressive portfolio in print and broadcast , but I want to focus on a career in copywriting. In addition to writing high-quality copy to a tight deadline, I offer unique creative solutions. Take my project I Will Pay One Pound For Your Story. I stand in a public, in Birmingham, or Brixton, or Bristol, holding a sign. The sign reads I WILL PAY ONE POUND FOR YOUR STORY. I buy and record stories from the public. I transcribe the stories faithfully capturing the teller's accent, dialect, and speech patterns, creating a unique and vivid portrait of the UK and its inhabitants. My unique personal experience over the last year has helped me develop my considerable natural talent for creating dynamic, engaging content. I'm committed to developing my voice and career as a writer, and I have the imagination, flexibility and motivation to be an absolute asset to any campaign. I've had some fantastic experience writing for the NHS, script-editing for BBC Bitesize with Mosaic Films, and I'm keen to gain more experience in CRM, B2B and UX writing. Interested? Let’s have a coffee.

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  • 1+ Years Creative Writing Experience
  • Blogger
  • Feminism
  • Presenter
  • Speaker
  • Body Image
  • Mental Health
  • Dating
  • 2+ Years Experience in Social Media
  • Copywriting