Mikai McDermott

Blogger, Photographer

About me

I am a vibrant lifestyle blogger, photographer and a Warwick English student that is proficient in various digital software programs and social media, in an industry where these aptitudes are necessary. My multifaceted roles have strengthened my work ethic, has allowed me to work exceedingly well under pressure and has also displayed my successful time management skills. I have created a YouTube channel that has accumulated over 800,000 views, which covers important topics like female empowerment, lifestyle, fashion and beauty – all of which are relevant to youth in contemporary society, as well as essential in building a rapport with my viewers. By creating www.mikaimikai.com, which covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle, I have established a completely open channel that provides my audience with personalised content and knowledge as well as creating an online portfolio for my photography. This website attracts 1,000 views monthly and is evidence of my ability to create high quality professional content as well as gain a loyal readership. In terms of social awareness, I exhibit excellent initiative. I have recently established a charitable organization called CariConnect, which aims to increase the number of Caribbean students in Russell Group Universities. This development speaks to my active nature in rectifying social issues as well as demonstrating effective leadership outside of the educational spectrum. I pride myself in creating exceptional online work and have managed to successfully build a rapidly growing online presence, which is important in the media industry, as it continues to steadily develop in the digital era.

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