Move Beyond Words

Move Beyond Words

Envisioning a world that embraces dyslexia.London, United Kingdom
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Pip Jamieson
Elizabeth Rose Arifien
Nadia Shaw
Move Beyond Words

Move Beyond Words

Envisioning a world that embraces dyslexia.London, United Kingdom
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In 2018, Elizabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds met through Studio Wayne McGregor’s FreeSpace programme. They discovered that as choreographers and artists, they had both been exploring their personal experiences with dyslexia via dance and film. This led to their debut collaboration, Words Fail Me, which was premiered at the V&A’s Dyslexia Creates event in 2019, quickly followed by two appearances at the Royal Opera House with a new commission, Innate Beauty. These concepts were powered by personal experiences explored with Move Beyond Words’ dyslexic collaborators. Now, Elizabeth and Charlotte are entering the next stage of their journey. Move Beyond Words is an evolution of Words Fail Me and Innate Beauty, and marks an exciting new chapter for them as artists and collaborators. Their aim is to create artistic environments to amplify the voices of professional artists with dyslexia, providing support and creative solutions for people with dyslexia in the dance industry and beyond. Their work is intended to create conversations challenging the negative connotations surrounding dyslexia.
  • Summer Dance Intensive
    Summer Dance IntensiveMove Beyond Words is excited to announce its 'Summer Dance Intensive' workshop happening this summer on Saturday 6th August! This one-day workshop is designed for attendees to learn priceless yet playful tools to manage the challenges of a career in dance. To find out more information and book tickets head to the link below!
  • Dyslexia in the Studio
    Dyslexia in the StudioWe are delighted to announce our workshop series Dyslexia in the Studio with week one commencing on the 4th of April and week two on the 11th. The four-day-long workshops have been curated with the attendee in mind as it will address the following areas: confidence and competence, self-care, CV and applications, repertoire and auditions and preparing for the future. You can sign up via the link below: We can't
  • Royal Opera House - Live At Lunch
    Royal Opera House - Live At LunchThe process of a live rehearsal, directed by Elizabeth and Charlotte, was performed to a sold-out audience and live-streamed to the Royal Opera House’s 1 million followers as part of their Live at Lunch series on Friday 11th October 2019. Dancers: Rosalie Bell and Josh De La-Garde
    UN[BOX]EDUN[BOX]ED explores one person's journey as they deal with the stigmas connected to Dyslexia through dance. In society, those with dyslexia are often boxed into what people perceive our abilities to be. When we peel back the layers - who decides who we really are and who creates the box we so often are told we fit within? A short dance film starring solo dancer Kirubel Belay, directed and choreographed by Move Beyond Words founders and artistic directors Elizabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds,
  • Move Beyond Words Podcast
    Move Beyond Words PodcastThe Move Beyond Words podcast series amplifies the voices of neurodiverse people from various backgrounds. Lived experiences, by a variety of creatives, to help us understand the depth of dyslexia. Guests from Series 1 include: Actress Lauren McCrostie, The Amazing Dyslexics, AKA Kate and Kathy, Steve Chapman and AJ and Curtis Pritchard to name a few. Available to listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Acast. Subscribe here:
  • Dyslexia Creates
    Dyslexia CreatesCo-founders and directors Elizabeth Arifien and Charlotte Edmonds were invited to bring Words Fail Me to Dyslexia Creates at the V&A with British Dyslexia Association on Thursday 26th September 2019. Their appearance, which was the debut of their collaborative work, included a presentation, performance, and they were featured on a panel with fellow speakers. Dancers: Rosalie Bell and Josh De La-Garde Music by Tony Nwachawuku You can read more here:
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  • A Work of Innate Beauty: Interview with MBW
    A Work of Innate Beauty: Interview with MBWThis month, we sat down with the creative team at Move Beyond Words to discuss their exciting new choreographed performance piece for the Royal Opera House, 'Innate Beauty'. Their bold work in shining new light on the mind of the creative dyslexic speaks for itself, in the best way that they know how, through movement and dance. Read the latest Chrom-Art article via the link below:
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