Nath Day

Nath Day

Art Director & Graphic DesignerMelbourne, Australia
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Nath Day

Nath Day

Art Director & Graphic DesignerMelbourne, Australia
About me
Rame Days is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne, led by Manchester-born Nathan Day, a graphic designer specialising in Art Direction, Editorial, Typography, Branding, Illustration & Web Design. My approach to design is rooted in a consciousness of appreciating and celebrating the natural world. I tend to take a more hands-on, tactile and image lead direction, and embrace the chaos and beauty of nature to inspire intelligent Graphic Design. Guided by curiosity, my process is driven by curating imagery and content through collaboration. Experimentation, originality and voice take priority with every project. With the need for opinions and ideas to be spread through visual communication more crucial than ever, it is essential that design is present to push through exciting, beautiful and powerful messages. Currently working with creatives in the fashion, publishing and music industries, I also support and have a keen interest in working with climate-conscious brands, environmental action non-profits and brown/black-owned businesses.
  • Green Refuge
    Green RefugeGreen Refuge uses augmented art and public history to commemorate the hidden refuge stories inspired by the tales of Clapham Common. ‍Understanding the common in all its material as an urban oasis, biological super system, a space for social engagement, inter-cultural exchange, democratisation of green space and inequality – the 45-minute walking trail invites visitors to step into a live journalism experience to see, hear and uncover the commonality in the collection of stories spanning nearly
  • FM Audio & Sound Production
    FM Audio & Sound ProductionLeading the complete brand overhaul for Manchester-born Audio & Sound Engineer/Producer took the form of creating a custom monogram that accentuated the diversity of the skillset and production made by James. We felt that hailing from such a musically rich city with a lot of great design history, particularly from the Hacienda/Factory Records era, that it was worth carrying that into to visual strategy for the brand. Adopting FM radio-waves as an obvious choice to formulate the visual motifs fo
  • BW Plumbing & Heating
    BW Plumbing & HeatingBW Plumbing & Heating is an independently run small business working out of Bristol and the South-West. The key role of the illustrative and typographic devices of the branding were to emote the cheek and charm of the Brett - the business owner. Formulating a tagline and direction for the aesthetic encompassing pipes ‘Happy Pipes, Happy Homes!’, promotional materials like a playful motion scene set with gleeful plants, drippy taps and squeaky radiators to business cards showcasing the charismati
  • Contemporary Art Society
    Contemporary Art SocietyWhen devising a fluid and malleable design system to help promote the wide array of prominent and pioneering artists discussing their work with the Contemporary Art Society, it was clear that they needed something sharp and minimalist in its design to allow for clear translation of the relevant information to new and existing audiences. When forming first ideas with the team, it was clear that there was a want and need for a little more visual stimulation, especially for the organisation in ques
  • Bean & Gone
    Bean & GoneBean & Gone are a new bespoke candle company creating products from soy beans. A key aim of theirs was to highlight the unique design and reusable aspect to their climate conscious candles. Something that they wanted to implement into this brand experience was a ‘scent symbol’, a uniquely designed motif that could form a design language for each new scent released. To pull all of these different themes together and create a truly unique aesthetic language for the company, the forms and scent sy
  • Noise Latin
    Noise LatinNoise™ was founded in 2018 by Joe Laresca, Latin-American entrepreneur and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 recipient. Noise Latin is an advertising industry specialising in Latin culture and working largely in the areas of music and the arts. Working in tandem with SLAPS studio, we sought to configure a visual aesthetic for the new company that rooted it in its hispanic heritage. To bring this to fruition we took the approach of basing visuals that were borne out of vibrant colours that translated cultural
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Projects credited in
  • 'Running Thoughts' Nike Collaboration with Joy Yamusangie
    'Running Thoughts' Nike Collaboration with Joy YamusangieFrom Nike website: "With our latest collection, Running Thoughts, Joy is sharing their story of what it’s like to run and wants to inspire confidence in the future community of artists, the next generation of runners and all the people in between. Because art, culture and sport is for everyone. And it doesn’t matter how long the journey takes, as long as you keep moving. Dropping just in time for the Hackney Half, this pack features bold illustrations inspired by Joy’s passing thoughts as they
Work history
    Studio Rame Days logo
    Studio Rame Days logo
    Art Director & Graphic DesignerStudio Rame Days
    Bristol, United KingdomFreelance
    Graphic DesignerDay Graphics
    Bristol, United KingdomFreelance
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Motion Design
  • Editoral Design
  • Album Artwork
  • Print Design
    (BA hons) Graphic DesignUniversity of the West of England
     - Bristol, United Kingdom
    Received a 2:1 in Graphic Design, also undertaking the role of director in typography for the end-of-year publication 'About Race', having a print run of 2,000 copies.
    A LevelsHoly Cross College
     - Manchester, United Kingdom
    Three A-Levels received in Art, Graphic Design & Photography; getting the grades BAA* respectively.
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