Njoki Gitahi

Design Director

New York, United States
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Njoki is a senior design lead at IDEO. She earned her MFA from the graduate program at the Yale University School of Art. She has a bachelor's degree in geology from Amherst College and spent six years as an assistant curator for the petrology collection at the American Museum of Natural History. She likes and makes things, and will make them for you.

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  • Typography
  • Strategy
  • Writing
  • Branding
  • Facilitation
  • Design
  • Consulting

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  • IDEO


    • Design

Work history


Senior Design Lead


Jun 2013
  • New York, United States
  • Full Time
  • Njoki uses inspiring visual design to help people, teams, and organizations collaborate better, understand and express their unique purpose and value, and create innovative and accessible products, systems, and experiences for their audiences. At the core of her work is a desire to understand and express the tacit needs and behaviors that drive people. In her time at IDEO, Njoki has designed dynamic brands and user experiences for retail and academic clients, created interactive platforms for dialogue for public media and social justice organizations, and helped nonprofits and corporations envision the future of education and work. She believes in finding inspiration in unexpected places, failing early and often, and finding the fastest way out of her comfort zone. Prior to IDEO, Njoki worked as a rock collection manager at the American Museum of Natural History. She received her Bachelor of Sciences in Geology from Amherst College and an MFA in Graphic Design from Yale. She credits her experience in the sciences with informing the rigor and curiosity that drives her design process.