Noemie Tajszeydler

Documentalist in charge of the public


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Work history


Documentalist in Charge of the Public

Mémorial de LA Shoah Drancy

Sep 2012
  • In charge of the Memorial Museum’s Documentation center, my first responsibility is to welcome the visitors looking for information about the Holocaust in France and the fate of their families. In order to fulfill that mission, I help them to go through the different sources available and inform them on the different inscriptions on the archives from the internment camps’ documents. My secondary charge is to develop the collection of books set available for the visitors. I look at different sources to make sure that the books we offer are the latest publications and the most accurate available in their fields, both in French and in English. I created an entire collection on Architecture, with sub-categories in Memorial site architecture Memorial museums. I also develop the selection of books for children and teenagers. Finally, my third responsibility is to analyze the digitized archives from World War II from the Camp of Drancy, turning a material that has never been approached into usable datas, for other institutions, historians and relatives.


Fair Manager


Feb 2012 - Apr 2012
  • fotofever is a young contemporary photography and video art fair, launched in November 2011 in Paris. During the first edition of fotofever, during Paris Photo, I was in charge of welcoming the V.I.P. visitors, showing them around the fair, bringing them to the galleries I felt were presenting the kind of artists they were looking for. I also contributed to write the “Where & What” guide we distributed to all visitors, giving young collectors the keys to discover the world of photography. Continuing the launch of fotofever with a European edition planned in October in Brussels, I was responsible for all communication with prospected galleries all over Europe. Directly in charge of contacting galleries in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Italy during the time of my mission, I was also responsible for managing the progress in the other areas.


Iconographic Assistant

Viviane Esders Sarl

Mar 2007 - May 2010
  • In this position, I was responsible of researching the background of the photographs we propose in auction sales, in order to prepare the auction catalogue. As such, I used a whole category of books on photographers and artistic movements, as our sales included photographs from the first daguerreotypes to contemporary works ; I am also familiar with the amount of information accessible online, and use them every time I feel like I am missing information on the artists and their works. As a part of an Expert office, I was in direct relation with our clients (collectors and art specialists) in order to include works of art in our sales, or in order to find them the piece that would complete their collection. During the auction sales, I was in charge of dealing with English-speaking collectors, particularly for the condition reports and the bidding process.



Sotheby’s Paris Books Manuscripts

Mar 2006 - Sep 2006
  • As an Intern, I was in charge of typing the auction catalogues as the Experts wrote the descriptions. The whole Department answered my questions about the Market and its different possibilities, and they listened to my intake on several matters, such as the composition of the catalogue. I wrote down several notices for the catalogues, and participated actively in the exhibition preluding the sales. During the Sales, I was responsible of the Convert board, which gives the whereabouts of the auction in different currencies.



Yad Vashem

May 2003 - Jul 2004
  • I helped the team of restorers to create new ways of taking care of the documents while taking in consideration the heat and the humidity of the environment. During my internship, I used the techniques learned in school and the datas I looked up online to provide creative techniques to restore the numerous documents prepared for the opening of a new exhibition within the museum. At the end of my internship, the Head of the Department, Mrs. Varda Gross, offered me to come back the next summer to pursue the remodeling of the Laboratory that I started. During this employment, I continued what I started as a Trainee, and helped the whole team designing new ways of restoring graphic materials from World War II, in order to have properly restored documents for the reopening of the Museum, which took place in October 2004.



Art History, Art Market

E.a.c. School

Sep 2006 - Dec 2008
  • Masters in Art Management


Hebrew, Philosophy, Cinematography, History

LA Sorbonne

Sep 2003 - Apr 2006
  • Jewish Studies