Oksana Goncharova



About me

I am a Professor, Ph.D. My diploma entitled ‘European Influence on Russian Art’. But Russian art was considered a unique and non-possible to compare. I then choose the subject of International Relations for the period (1812-1822) because it was a period of Romanticism (one of my most favorite styles) – which was also related to International relations. I defended a Ph.D. thesis on The European Policy of Russia in 1816 – 1820. My academic work experience constitutes total of 17 years. I also studied medicine for three years and received my diploma in Nursing and afterwards spent a further year specializing in psychology. For 2 years I was studying general psychology in medical university. I worked as a teacher of English in a secondary school, then as a Associated Professor and Deputy Director of the department of Regional and International Relations of Russian Academy of Public Administration, in Voronezh. I established a new department called The Department of the International Tourism (Destination Europe). This proved to be a very successful project and my director fully supported the idea. I also prepared the program, planed the Courses and organized practice for students in Greece and Spain and educational trips. These trips were organized in coordination with a travel agency. Due to this new Department the number of students increased by over 25 percent. In 2007 I was awarded a Wyszehrad Group Grant and the Rector’s Grant of the University of Wroclaw (Poland). In 2012 and 2014 I was awarded a Paulsen Fellowship at LSE IDEAS (The London School of Economics and Political Science). From 2007 till 2014 For my post Doctoral research, I studied further diplomatic documents in the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs archive in Paris, Osterreichisches Staatsarchiv (Vienna), The National Archives (Kew, Richmond), Public Record Office for Northern Ireland (PRONI, Belfast), National Library of Scotland (Manuscripts Division), British Library, LSE Library. I have written and published two books ‘European Socio-political System’ and ‘A History of West European Culture’ a further 18 articles on International Relations and the History of Art have also been published. From 2005 till 2014 I was acting chair person at four of the International Conferences which took place in Stockholm, Porto, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Tartu, Wroclaw, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg etc. At present I continue to study European Art movements, the issues of co-influence and the theory of art including the development of local schools of European Art. I also carry on work on the topic of Britain in the System of Anti-Napoleonic Coalitions and the Quadruple Alliance (1810-1820) and the establishment the new system of international relations!


  • Fashion
  • Events
  • Theatre
  • Visual Arts
  • Art Direction
  • Theory
  • History of art
  • Art Educator