Olly Cooper

Olly Cooper

Freelance Creative CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
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Olly Cooper

Olly Cooper

Freelance Creative CopywriterLondon, United Kingdom
About me
WHO THE HELL IS OLLY COOPER? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Olly Cooper. A Senior Creative Copywriter with a love for proper advertising. Proper creative ideas. The stuff that digs its claws in and grips your attention. Force feeds you everything it's selling. Before sending you on your way to buy, do or feel something, without you ever truly realising it happened. I’ve turned Toilet Duck bleach into the season’s must-have Eau De Toilette. Made England rugby fans fall in love with their beloved team using their own words. Helped loved ones share how they feel with a Cineworld Giftcard. Worked with WWF to reverse climate change using a light switch. And helped women rewrite shitty gender stereotypes with a fashion collection. There were also a number of pitch wins dotted throughout for brands such as Heinz Beanz, Nutella and Boursin. Not to mention an award or two. If you told ten-year-old me he’d achieve all this before he was 30, he’d actually be pretty pissed off. We were supposed to be in Manchester United’s starting 11 by now. TRYING TO EXPLAIN THAT TO MY MUM I’m a Creative. It basically means I create adverts. No Mum, not the John Lewis one. I know you like that one but it wasn’t me. Remember when you bought that cinema giftcard for Auntie Karen? The Harry Potter one? That was me. Yeah, I guess that wasn’t an advert. Honestly Mum, even I’m not sure what I do sometimes. Maybe you’re right, it would’ve been easier to become a footballer. TRYING TO EXPLAIN IT TO MY GRANDMA I create adverts. No, I didn’t create the John Lewis advert. Yes, I know, Mum liked that one too. Ok fine, I created the John Lewis advert. Grandma don’t worry, I’m still working on the footballer thing.
  • Tap to Clap for the NHS Carers
    Tap to Clap for the NHS Carers#ClapForCarers has become THE way to celebrate our brilliant NHS staff. But, Elliott Shiels and I know some people who actually have difficulty clapping. So, we've created a way to help everyone join in - taptoclap.uk Please share with your family, friends or anyone else you know who may find this useful. We'll see you all at 8pm every Thursday.
  • Major Players & English Football League - Back In The Game
    Major Players & English Football League - Back In The GameAs a footy mad fan, when Major Players and the EFL (English Football League) released a mental health initiative brief during the Coronavirus lockdown, I had to get involved. The brief was simple. Create a name, brand identity and campaign to support the launch of a new mental health initiative aimed at promoting positive mental health among everyone in the football community - players, backroom staff, refs, fans. Now, when your football team is 2-0 down, playing dreadfully and looking out of
  • Toilet Duck - Eau De Toilet
    Toilet Duck - Eau De ToiletWhen Duck asked us to launch their fresh fragrance toilet cleaner range we realised something. These products were more than just toilet cleaners. These were the real Eau de Toilette range. So, using our mascot, we brought the whole campaign to life with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the classic perfume ads. Eau de Toilette by Duck – the only scent pour loo.
  • Amnesty - Tap to give voice to the voiceless
    Amnesty - Tap to give voice to the voicelessDigital banking has caused a huge decline in street fundraising for Amnesty International. As contactless payments grow in popularity, more people are choosing not to carry money, which means there’s no spare change to pop in the bucket. I wanted to help Amnesty use contactless payment technology to their advantage. With one look at the contactless logo, I saw the idea that could make it happen.
  • Moleskine - Best kept in a Moleskine Journal
    Moleskine - Best kept in a Moleskine JournalIn a world where people are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings publicly, the purpose of a private Moleskine journal can get lost. That is until you get a bit too comfortable and share an opinion you really shouldn't. It's then you realise some things are best kept in a Moleskine journal.
  • WWF - The Switch Off
    WWF - The Switch OffEvery year WWF launch Earth Hour campaign where millions of people worldwide turn off their lights to show their commitment to the planet. But how do you encourage more people to get involved? We asked frank, to the point questions and invited the public to answer them with their light switches.
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Projects credited in
  • A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom (Badass Gal x Young Creative Council Collaboration)
    A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom (Badass Gal x Young Creative Council Collaboration)A Badass Gal x Young Creative Council Collaboration. Flipping sexist stereotypes on it's head into more powerful statements, I created this illustration "A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom". 5 amazing creatives worked on this project, which was shown at D&AD New Blood Festival as a range of Postcards, Prints and T-Shirts. T-shirts on sale shortly, with the profits going towards helping women excel in the creative industries. 
  • Making Cineworld giftcards personal in time for Christmas
    Making Cineworld giftcards personal in time for ChristmasThe Challenge: Giftcards can feel like an impersonal gift. It suggests you haven’t really put any time or effort into finding the perfect present for your loved one. Cineworld came to us looking for an advertising agency that could make their giftcards feel personal and gift worthy. No problem! The Solution: We gave Cineworld giftcards the personal touch by putting the reasons you like someone front and centre – transforming Cineworld Giftcards into personal compliment cards. Using fun and q
  • #FearlessTypes
    #FearlessTypesWe have entered the new era. Now more than ever fearless, empowered women are pushing the boundaries of the creative industry and achieving the once impossible; rewriting the gender stereotypes. Designed by the Badass Gal community, this fashion collection – called Fearless Types – celebrates the new era for women and calls out to the next generation to be bolder, more fearless and ready to leave an even bigger mark. Together, we can rewrite the stereotypes forever. All profits raised fro
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    First Class Honours, BA (Hons) Creative AdvertisingUniversity of Gloucestershire
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    Best Outdoor - Donate A Voice | Amnesty InternationalThe Drum's Chip Shop Awards
    Best Charity - Donate A Voice | Amnesty InternationalThe Drum's Chip Shop Awards
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