Paul Rider



About me

Paul Rider was propelled into photography by his love of cinema and music. He started his career photographing bands playing at the Marquee and the other sticky floored clubs of the early 80’s. He began to work for the music press and progressed from live shows to cover features and portraits, working in and out of the studio with subjects ranging from the utterly obscure, ‘And Also The Trees’, to the ultra famous, The Rolling Stones. His work appeared in an array of music titles including Q, Mojo and Rolling Stone, and on the covers of many records for artists such as Queen, The Pet Shop Boys and Kaiser Chiefs. He continues to work in music but over the last twenty years the range of his portraiture has expanded to include actors, artists, sportsmen and politicians for an array of publications both abroad and in the UK where most of leading magazines and newspapers, from F1 Racing and Four-Four-Two to The Times and The Observer have featured his work. He has been widely commissioned too by book publishers and theatre companies and has provided images for the West End, The Royal Shakespeare Company and Broadway. Paul’s personal work centres on portraits, ‘the dressing up project’ for example with its images of Elvises, Pearlies, Roundheads and Cavaliers, but he is also interested in landscape. He has just returned from Norway where he photographed the best Northern Lights for fifteen years and is currently planning a project to photograph the A1.


  • Fashion
  • Advertising
  • Commercial Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Editorial
  • Photoshop
  • Portrait Photography