Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Creative ConsultantLondon, United Kingdom
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Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Creative ConsultantLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a designer and brand marketing consultant who helps businesses identify, clarify and harness what makes them better, different and special. And then make sure they take full advantage of it to build an exciting future. Creating a tangible and consistent marketing advantage by transforming the way businesses look, feel, and talk about themselves, and the connected experiences their audiences have with them. Throughout my career I have created, evolved and managed brands across 16 countries, 13 business sectors, for over 100 different businesses or organizations. I’ve worked for some of the worlds’ biggest and best-known agencies on huge global projects. I’ve worked with the best in the industry. Sometimes I still do. I presently work in a freelance capacity, providing senior expertise to agencies, or collaborating with other independents. Increasingly, I am working at the intersection of product and service design and brand. My expertise covers brand creative strategy, brand identity, brand architecture, naming, digital product design, integrated marketing campaigns, art direction, packaging, signage and implementation guidelines.
  • Luxottica
    LuxotticaProblem Luxottica is the largest eye care and eye ware business in the world. However, there was no marketing synergy across its global optical chains. The solution In order to establish marketing and product synergies globally, the decision was taken that four of its brands would share a common brand and visual expression. This included LensCrafters in the US, OPSM in Australia, GMO in South America, and a more premium LensCrafters brand in China. The four brands were united through the Idea o
  • Tranquilidade
    TranquilidadeThe problem Tranquilidade was looking increasingly institutional and dated, in a highly competitive market place. The merger with Açoreana presented the opportunity to refresh the look and feel, better leverage the size of the combined agent network, and add greater meaning to the brand. The Tranquilidade brand has long been associated with values ​​such as solidity and confidence. However, it was necessary to improve and promote other areas where it was perceived as not being as strong, such as
  • Kim
    KimKim is a new type of cognitive assistant aimed at knowledge working. Kim helps all businesses to automate, manage and visualise work-flows, and document knowledge and content. It helps people & teams make better, quicker decisions and frees them to do the important things.  KIM = Knowledge, Intelligence, Meaning. Knowledge is pervasive, intelligence needs meaning, context provides all three. 
  • Tokyo Metro
    Tokyo MetroTeito Rapid Transit Authority is one of Tokyo’s two main metro operators, covering three quarters of Tokyo’s underground network. Its ambition was to make Tokyo Metro simple, optimistic and customer-friendly, and in doing so prepare for future privatisation of Tokyo’s underground network. This required radical change.  The idea was to represent the pulse and heart of the city as well as to convey a sense of motion and efficiency. The new Tokyo Metro brand feels bright, efficient and uplifting. Bold, rounded and kinetic, the design was developed to appeal to its Japanese audience. This mark has been described many times as a ‘Japanese design classic’.
  • ICP
    ICPICP have 25 years experience managing global marketing process and creative content for some of the world’s largest advertisers and their agencies. ICP are proud of their production heritage, however a change in focus, towards digital asset management, was the catalyst for a new brand idea and visual identity. The new brand idea of Creative Empathy was distilled from their DNA.  ICP have deep expertise at every stage of the creative content life-cycle and clients rely on them to balance the sometimes opposing forces of technology and marketing. This meeting of minds forms the basis of the visual identity. The use of multiple speech bubbles, in a question and answer structure, is a simple way of communicating benefits and topics. The new word mark suggests dialogue and is deliberately ‘low-tech’ and workmanlike.
  • Advance Care
    Advance Care
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