Pedro Azevedo Dias

Filmmaker & Digital Strategist

Barcelona, Spain
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About me

Welcome to my profile. I’m a Filmmaker & Digital Strategist, I know how to make the best out of my DSLR camera and to make make my holiday films look like the last Michael Bay flick
. I’m a strategic samurai and my skills with social media tools are as sharp as my Hattori Hanzo sword, honed by my background in digital communication. I’m empathetic. I effectively evaluate how different audiences might perceive your content to find the right angle, and steer clear of gaffes that could create difficult situations. I’m a strategical problem "assassin" like a double-0 agent, I bring my deadly skills and knowledge to terminate Social Media problems with efficient ruthlessness
. I’m organized. I may be a creative person, but I’m also able activate my left part of the brain to keep everything prioritized and on time
. I’m team oriented and a flexible collaborator who makes it safe for others to provide new feedback and different perspectives. I develop productive relationships thanks to my impeccable integrity and my preference for "no-bullshit" communication
. My employers can count with a maximum level of professionalism and responsibility, their requests and wishes are my highest priority. Feel free to contact me at any time. I am here for you!

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  • Film/video Editing
  • Director Video
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Maketing
  • Photography
  • Freelance Videographer
  • Video
  • Brand Creation
  • Content Creatiion
  • Social Media Digital Strategies