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Pelin Ergün

Digital ArtistStockholm, Sweden
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Pelin Ergün

Digital ArtistStockholm, Sweden
About me
I am a project manager based in Stockholm and create surreal digital art pieces.
  • Funeral for the sea
  • DissectedDissect the flower and you´ll know what a flower is... Dissect a person all you want, you´ll never know who they really are!
  • Dinner date with a king!I drew all the details on this work (except for the leaves fading in-out) with Sketchbook Pro. Later I created a short animation with it.
  • WarshipIn a far away exoplanet mutant humans are fighting against giant viruses, one upon a time when people were still on planet Earth they speculated these beings as "aliens". But they are far from what we thought they could be...
  • As long as we have energyWhat would be the first thing you would stop doing if energy becomes too expensive in a possible future? Playing games? Checking your phone? Facetiming your mom? Laundry? Even procreating? How much will we sacrifice until factories, airports and cars "really" decrease emissions? Or are we moving towards a future where we will mash every possible energy source without caring for the environment?
  • EyehiveSleepless nights...
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Work history
    Project ManagerAdssets
    Stockholm, SwedenFull Time
    We create rich media campaigns and help our clients optimise their campaigns using our software platform.
  • Illustration
  • Drawing
  • Animation