Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Visual Communication ConsultantLondon, United Kingdom
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Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Visual Communication ConsultantLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Working across visual communications, branding and advertising, I have over three decades of experience in the creative industry. A broad range of project types offers insights into creative processes for problem solving and visual thinking. For one-to-one mentoring visit
  • Response to sudden cardiac arrest
    Response to sudden cardiac arrestThis visual was a surprise win for a quick response to a @OneMinuteBriefs and sudden cardiac arrest awareness. As witnessed with Christian Eriksen during the Euros, this can strike anyone, anywhere and anytime, without warning. The initial thought behind persuading people to get response training was; ‘going to, is too late’. The future can’t be predicted, but it can be planned for and signing up is the first step. UK Coaching offers a fully funded online course to learn life-saving steps at ukc
  • Diversity Type
    Diversity TypeOn May 21st, Distillery launched Diversity Type to coincide with World Diversity Day. To raise awareness, they ran a One Minute Briefs to encourage the use of this downloadable typeface in branding. It was inclusivity that drew me to the creative industry; it’s inspiring to take part alongside so many brilliant entries. The Diversity Type Project itself brought together 308 creatives from 54 countries. Diverse thinking, always a good idea.
  • Oat Milk
    Oat MilkAmendment 171 was approved by the European Parliament last October. Under AM171, the plant-based dairy sector in Europe is prohibited from using terms like ‘oat milk’ and ‘soya yoghurt’. Further restrictions could extend to the use of ‘evocations’ of dairy products. This would mean that plant-based advertising and even packaging cannot bear any similarities or inference to dairy. This visual is a response to a One Minute Brief for posters featuring totally nonsensical package designs for Oat
  • Repositioning a graphic design studio as a brand agency
    Repositioning a graphic design studio as a brand agencyDefinition of creative approach: Solving problems visually. Development of 3 phase process for best practice. Design concept for marketing piece. Based in a workspace conversion of around 140 businesses with a complex network of floors and corridors a branded map was produced and delivered to all units as introductory marketing piece.
  • Old meets new rebrand
    Old meets new rebrandLGT Vestra brand merge Insight LGT: The largest family-owned private banking and asset management group in the world with headquarters in Liechtenstein. The LGT Group acquires a majority stake of Vestra Wealth. The existing visual identity is conservative and draws on the collection of classical art. Vestra: Forward thinking wealth management - their partnership with The School of Life led to the creation of ‘A Portfolio of Thoughts’, a series of philosophical essays which explores 12 importa
  • Putting money behind art
    Putting money behind artUBS supporting the arts Client brief: Create a poster campaign for art exhibition and promote UBS Laing & Cruickshank as a supporter of the arts. Question: How do we show a financial institution's interest in art in a positive way? What would Marcel Duchamp do? Solution: Make the poster into a piece of art using a physical canvas with screen printed typography.
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Work history
    Brand Design ConsultantFOUND Design Ltd
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    After spending over 3 decades in the creative industry the opportunity to step away from a ‘designer’ role has offered refreshing new openings. Over the last couple of years I’ve been involved in repositioning a graphic design studio as brand and design agency. Input included: Research and development of three stage process and agency best practice. Design management, brand protection, client brief development, concepts and networking.
    M&C Saatchi logo
    M&C Saatchi logo
    Brand Design ConsultantM&C Saatchi
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Selected projects: Branding exercise for two merging financial institutions. The brief: to bring old money and new money together visually. Advice and guidance on visual language and creative approach at the tissue meeting stage. M&C Saatchi Export Penny for London: Campaign pieces and visual identity guidelines. Penny for London is a way of making donations via contactless payments to the Mayor’s Fund for London with the objective of improving the future prospects of young Londoners. M&C Saatchi World Services ‘action/’: Visual identity and style guide for a movement made up of thousands of organisations to end poverty, inequalities and climate change. M&C Saatchi World Services Alzheimer’s Research UK: New identity exploration, conclusion and recommendation documents and visual identity guidelines. Audience / M&C Saatchi Dubai city brand: Concepts and visual explorations for brand identity system. M&C Saatchi Export Transport for London (various) and The View from the Shard identity guidelines. M&C Saatchi London - main agency Corporate communications and implementation of updated brand identity. JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle)
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  • Typography
  • Information Design
  • Creative Process
  • Design Management
  • Consulting in Design
  • Visual Research
  • Visual Identity Systems
  • Visual Planning
  • Design Rationale
  • Creative Approach
    BA(Hons) Graphic DesignUAL LCC
     - London, United Kingdom
    BA (Hons) Graphic Design