Phoebe Nightingale

Phoebe Nightingale

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
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Pip Jamieson
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Phoebe Nightingale

Phoebe Nightingale

IllustratorLondon, United Kingdom
  • Murmurations
    MurmurationsWe walked across the beach eating hot chips from newspaper wrappings, lifting each one out and blowing on it ‘til it was just cool enough to eat. Then we licked the ketchup and salt from our fingertips. It was cold. Bloody cold. The kind of cold that makes your ears ache and your teeth jitter, so we held hands to keep warm. I picked up a tiny shell, all pink and pearlescent with a frilled edge and you found a perfect little pebble, smooth and round. You went down to the water’s edge to wash off
  • Blank Slash
    Blank Slash_ / is the story of a society where if you tell a lie, a scar appears on your skin. White lies are tiny scratches, bigger; lies are deeper and take longer to heal. And if you tell the same lie again, the skin reopens.  The title is written as an underscore and a forward slash, pronounced 'blank slash'. The story is devoid of any punctuation or capitalisation, to emphasise the _ and /.
  • Pip
    PipI wrote Pip in Seville. I was obsessed with oranges, their sweet perfume permeating my hands, until a story flowed out of them, fully formed. It is a raw, fundamental story of loss.  ​ Pip explores the space between motherhood and motherlessness, through the analogy of an orange tree. A pregnant woman reminisces on her childhood, and wonders how she will bring up her own children without her late mother’s guidance.
  • Printer Meltdown
    Printer MeltdownFeatured on Tate Collective's Showcase. From a series called Printer Meltdown, I was inspired by an Elizabeth Wright print of a black circle on a white background. These works investigate what would happen if a print like Wright’s was to melt. I froze printer ink into ice cubes. Then, I put each printer ink ice cube on a piece of photocopier paper, and let it melt. The ink melted slowly, for several hours. Different brands of ink had different effects. Epson turned a beautiful rust red colour.
  • The Sun Will Set Into My Palms
    The Sun Will Set Into My Palms
  • 50 Years of Choice
    50 Years of Choice50 Years of Choice is a project curated by Millie Tyler and Leah Fredrickson, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act in England. It exists as a limited edition publication, featuring 50 typographic responses from women all over the world. These respond to, and visualise tweets about abortion and as a collection, they aim to raise awareness about choice, equality and most urgently, the vote to Repeal the 8th amendment in Ireland. All profits made by 50 Years of Choice go to ASN, working to give women a choice.
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  • Citizen of Nowhere | Short Film
    Citizen of Nowhere | Short FilmIn the wake of the UK's vote for you-know-what, Mireille applies for French citizenship. Only problem is: she's stuck at home all day waiting for the embassy to call. What's a citizen of nowhere to do? CITIZEN OF NOWHERE is now online after its festival premiere at Tallinn Black Nights in 2019! Cast: Deli Segal as Mireille Ioana Goga as Ioanna Jodie Hay as Sara Raphael Neal as Clerk Danielle Greenberg as Ima Max the Pug as a Very Good Boy Phil White as Good Owner Director of Photography: Loui
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