Pietro Arcelloni

Event Coordinator specialized in Management

London, United Kingdom
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About me

I am looking for a role as Event Assistant or Event Coordinator. After completing a B. Sc. and a M. Sc. in Business Management and Management, I got interested in the hospitality and in the food and beverage industries. Understanding the personal need of telling stories to people through the organization of experiences, I came to one of the most eventful cities, London. Here I finished my study path with an M. A. in Event Management. Meanwhile, I started to experience the industry and the environment, working in some small productions. My teachers and employers have commended me for my high level of commitment, interest and interpersonal skills. Helping to generate and co-create immersive events for people, including a degree of surprise and transcendence in it, contributing to that common vibration resulting from play and proximity, is one of the things that make me feel alive the most. Volunteering in some music festival, I could ground and complete my MA Dissertation about factors that drive to Liberation and Transformation in the Event Experience. My aspiration is to work in a positive and mutually helpful environment, really believing that teamwork and mutual support is the key for success. I can bring good team building and organizational skills, together with problem solving capabilities and risk management. I like to immerse myself in inspiring environments, fostering my creative and original side. The pillars of my credo in goals achievement in my life are optimism, determination, embracement, negotiation, empathy, and commitment.


  • Project Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Marketing
  • Finance Management
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint



Sep 2017 - Sep 2018
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Event and Conference Management