Puchay Beyani

Puchay Beyani

Art DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Puchay Beyani

Puchay Beyani

Art DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I’m a friendly, self-motivated, collaborative and ambitious creative. I’m searching for new opportunities in order to push myself to the next level. In addition to education, in over two years industry experience I’ve developed my creative ability across a multidisciplinary skill-set, and I’m hoping to find a role that lets me employ it to the fullest (alongside some awesome colleagues, of course).
  • The Little Princess Trust - #HairToSpare
    The Little Princess Trust - #HairToSpareBrief Raise the profile of The Little Princess Trust, a charity that donates real hair wigs to poorly children, with a budget of £0. Insight People identify with the idea of losing your hair because they value their own. Creative Do you have #HairToSpare?: A social media initiative that asked participants to place a value on their hair by either donating a length of it or donating a money instead. A choice that sufferers of hair loss sadly do not get.
  • SKINS - The New A400
    SKINS - The New A400Brief Create a digital activation for the new Skins A400 range. Insight Fitness fanatics love to know how equipment can aid their workouts. Creative A user controlled animation of a man running that virtually demonstrates the benefit of the new product in situ. Click here to see the project in action.
  • Nike - #RealPrincess
    Nike - #RealPrincessBrief Young girls are under pressure to look and dress in certain ways that are generally opposed to the idea of practicing sports. Create a campaign that encourages young girls to engage with sports. Insight A Princess is the archetypal stereotype of a ‘girly girly'. Disney princesses, as the quintessential example of a princess, have influenced young girls’ lives in areas such as love and romance. Creative Real Princess. An idea that borrows the influence of Disney Princesses by using their images and anecdotes from their stories and gives them a sporting twist with the attitude of the Nike Brand; subverting the idea that princesses/'girly girls' cannot practice sport.
  • Metro International - The Offside Game
    Metro International - The Offside GameBrief Make Metro International relevant during the 2014 World Cup. Insight 'Off the pitch' stories about footballers generate just as many, if not more, headlines as those that occur on it. Creative The Offside Game - a digital game that enables users to create an avatar of a player representing any of the World Cup Teams. Using their avatar, users could choose actions to generate headlines that were either positive or negative. The execution was integrated with the newspaper and social media by the release of special codes that unlocked further customisation and special story lines.
  • Marmite - The Ultimate Sacrifice
    Marmite - The Ultimate SacrificeBrief Make Marmite relevant to Valentine’s Day. Insight Breakfast in bed is a typical Valentine’s Day Gesture. However, Marmite lovers in a relationship with a Marmite hater will never have Marmite made for them. Creative The Ultimate sacrifice - An integrated idea led by a tongue in cheek customer engagement stunt. Playing off Marmite’s classic ‘lovers’ and ‘haters’ positioning, The Ultimate Sacrifice allows customers to order a kit for 'haters' that provides protective clothing that enables them to prepare marmite without having to come into contact with it; granting their 'lover' partners a Valentine's Day Marmite treat.
  • Shelter - The Reality Of Being Homeless
    Shelter - The Reality Of Being HomelessBrief Homelessness is on the rise. Encourage people to donate to Shelter. Insight People find it harder to identify with being homeless when it’s a situation so far removed from their own existence. Creative The Reality Of Being Homeless: A digital virtual reality experience that uses Google’s Cardboard platform to guides users through the harsh realities of homelessness. The execution aims to inspire empathy by virtually reducing the distance between the user and homelessness. Shelter would partner with a relevant publication (i.e. The Big Issue) to advertise the app and distribute the Cardboard hardware with a special edition bundle.
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Work history
    Freelance Creative
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Brand Design. Web and App design. User Journey Design. 3D Design (Cinema4d)
    Art Director
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
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  • Visual Communiation
  • Conceptual Development
  • Graphic Desgn
  • Illustration
  • Ad Strategy
  • Adobe Indesign/illustrator/photoshop
  • Adobe Premier
  • Css Html
  • Web Design
  • Ux/ui Design
    MA Advertising and Design
     - Leeds, United Kingdom
    BA(Hons) Digital Media Design 2:1
     - Bournemouth, United Kingdom
    Best In Social Media
    Best In Social Media for The Little Princess Trust #HairToSpare campaign.