Raafaye Ali

Raafaye Ali

Illustrator/Designer/CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
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Raafaye Ali

Raafaye Ali

Illustrator/Designer/CreativeLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a in house illustrator at Mother London, where i mock up and help visualise ideas to sell to clients, i visualise data and strategy for pitches and create editorial illustrations to support and deconstruct terminology Selected as a D&ad Illustration Judge for 2022/2023 Muslim, dyslexic, always offer advice and support to illustrators from marginalised backgrounds
  • Hecate / Hekate -Silk scarf- Greek Goddess - Goddess of the moon - Goddess of Crossroads - mythology- Feminist Goddess
    Hecate / Hekate -Silk scarf- Greek Goddess - Goddess of the moon - Goddess of Crossroads - mythology- Feminist GoddessOriginally designed for a Breast cancer exhibition where the life model was a survivor. The life drawing became the foundations to create this silk scarf paying homage to the mythological greek goddess to highlight empowerment. I decided to make it the very first product i sell because of the research and effort i poured into it. A goddess called Hekate/Hecate, who was the defender of her own gender and those at their most vulnerable time of their life and also a defender of those living in th
  • Drawing from Memory
    Drawing from MemoryWas for a project but this route got dropped, it was a figure contained in a space pushing the form from within the contained space, i was really enjoying the fast turn around for these figures and what I landed on, wasn’t matisse inspired at all but can see the similarities . This comes from so many life drawing classes instilled a good memory of the female form, so drew it without reference utilising simplification of the form before it got to this.
  • Mother's projects
    Mother's projectsEditoiral illustration for Fair Tax, highlighting Mother is accredited with being transparent with their taxes. Instead of utilise what is refered to as 'creative accounting' Illustration of menu for a mother well being day
  • IT crowed
    IT crowedInternal Visual identity for communications for IT Team which was fun
  • KFC out of home Mockups
    KFC out of home MockupsA project that never saw the light of day as unfortunately covid kicked in, but it was nice to be able to art direct and illustrate to piece things together to tell the story of Out of home Kfc. these are the illustrations that were shown to sell the idea to the client and then hand over to the photographer to bring to life. I was asked simply to draw people eating kfc around a picnic rug, and within two days brought created this, each of the other illustrations took an additional day. Really
  • KFC: App and instore kiosk redesign
    KFC: App and instore kiosk redesignMother London - client - KFC UK Here are the Illustrations I made based on concepts, ideas and art direction by Emma Cope, these were used to assist and elevate the user journey when ordering instore on the touchscreen kiosks or via the KFC mobile app. Barbara Baroldi utilised my illustrations and brought them to life with some animation to create engaging moments with characterful charm when navigating the ordering process. Credits also due to Jon Gregory the layout designer.
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  • Meet the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018!
    Meet the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018!We're thrilled to present the D&AD New Blood Shift class of 2018! D&AD New Blood Shift is an intensive night school programme that places an emphasis on raw, untrained talent. Shift compels its students to make the best creative work of their life and challenges the industry to search further for creative talent. This year, 19 Shifters – all with creative talent but no formal arts education or degree – have been through the intensive five-month night school and learning programme. They've learn
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