Rachel Cunningham

Rachel Cunningham

Freelance journalist, copywriter, communications managerDublin, Ireland
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Rachel Cunningham

Rachel Cunningham

Freelance journalist, copywriter, communications managerDublin, Ireland
  • Risking reputation: doctors and the GMC
    Risking reputation: doctors and the GMCDr Christoph Lees, MD MRCOG, Reader in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine at Imperial College London; Honorary Consultant in Obstetrics and Head of Fetal Medicine at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Centre for Fetal Care, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital; Visiting Professor at the Department of Development and Regeneration, KU Leuven, Belgium; Founder, Doctors Policy Research Group, Civitas. His non-clinical interests are in the field of medical regulation. He spoke to me about lessons th
  • Food for Thought
    Food for ThoughtIn 2016 I visited the cafeteria of NCAD, where two students were at the helm of the Om Nom Nom project. The aim was to set events surrounding food to empower asylum seekers who were not permitted to cook in their provided accommodation. The women behind the event hoped to cultivate cross-cultural dialogue and acceptance within a Dublin setting. The article I wrote can be read here: https://www.tn2magazine.ie/food-for-thought/
  • Overhear Paris
    Overhear ParisI wrote one of six stories which were then assembled into a "pod play" that I also took part in. A recording of my voice narrating my story was used in an app, so that audience members' phones would react to the performers' phones via bluetooth. This meant that both could hear the same audio track simultaneously while the audience member observed the performers movement piece. Think of it as a silent disco for outdoor theatre. Working with 'It's Not a Box Theatre' was a unique chance for me to combine my creative writing with two mediums of performance; recorded voice acting and dance/movement. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I'm proud of the art we created and that I had the opportunity to take part in it.
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  • Rachel Cunningham
    Rachel Cunningham“I’m frozen. If your brother has taken our money and buggered off, I’ll kill him”. “He hasn’t”. “He wouldn’t tell, right? If my dad finds out I’m drinking, I’ll be grounded for forever”. “He’s just always late”. “Was he messing when he said he’d get us a pill each, too?” “Dunno”. “Ah girls, I can’t. You know I’d be that girl who died from one pill. Mum would resurrect me just to kill me herself”. “You wouldn’t die, maybe chew through your cheek a bit but not die”. “Cheers-” “-wait, shus
Work history
    News ReporterIrish Medical News
    Full Time
    My responsibilities in Irish Medical News have soared since I joined as a college graduate over a year ago now. Not only am I a reporter and interviewer for our print and digital editions, I also update our Wordpress website, edit content, have redesigned and distribute our ezine via email, filter emails to the paper, and am active in our social media campaign. It's been a learning curve but I've thrived in channelling my creativity in other areas outside of my central passion which is the written word.
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    BA English StudiesTrinity College Dublin
     - Dublin, Ireland
    Hot Press Write Here Write Now Regional WinnerHot Press Magazine
    I took part in a creative writing competition that focused on the centenary of the 1916 Rising in Ireland and was awarded the Regional Winner title.